The Cost of Transgender Surgeries and Procedures Based on Naiah Nikole

Transgender YouTube personality Nai Nicole has been open about the various plastic surgeries and procedures she has undergone over the past decade to help her transition.

In a recent video, she broke down the cost of transgender surgeries and procedures and details of her journey, which has added up to over $70,000 so far.

While expensive, these treatments have helped Nai transform her appearance to match her female gender identity. For those considering certain procedures, her transparency provides insight into the financial and physical impact.


Gender Reassignment Surgery - The Big One

The most significant and expensive surgery Nai underwent was male-to-female gender reassignment surgery (GRS) or sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in November 2020. This procedure involves reshaping the male genitalia into a vagina and is a defining moment in the transition process for many transgender women.

Nai traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to have the surgery performed by renowned GRS surgeon Dr. Chettawut. The entire cost including travel, hotel, and the procedure itself was around $25,000.

She has no regrets about the investment, considering the profound impact GRS had on aligning her body with her gender.

Nai says she finds it laughable when men try to shame her for being transgender and having had GRS. For her, the surgery was incredibly meaningful and made her confident in her womanhood.


Facial Transformations

To create a more feminine facial structure, Nai underwent facial feminization surgery (FFS) in 2014 with celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Harrison Lee in Beverly Hills. FFS involves a set of procedures to alter typically masculine facial features.

Nai's FFS included shaving down the brow bone, contouring the forehead, an eyebrow lift, and hairline advancement. These create a smoother, more rounded, and feminine facial shape. In total, she spent around $17,000 on FFS.


Jaw, Breast, and Body Work

Seeking an overall more curvaceous figure, Nai also had a jaw shave, breast augmentation revision, and liposuction on her stomach.

The jaw shave slenderizes the jawline while the breast revision took her from 750cc saline implants to 800cc silicone implants for a more natural look and feel.

The liposuction gave her a slimmer stomach initially but led to unintended consequences. She warns that lipo can cause internal scar tissue which creates ripples if any weight is gained post-procedure.

For these procedures together she spent over $15,000 but wishes she hadn't gotten the lipo.


Finishing Facial Touches

To complete her facial transformation, Nai got a tracheal shave to smooth her Adam's apple. This common procedure for trans women involves reducing the cartilage in the throat and costs her $4,500 in San Francisco.

She's grateful to have had it done as she feels it really feminized her profile.


Non-Surgical Treatments Add Up

In addition to surgical procedures, Nai got laser hair removal on her face, arms, legs, bikini area, etc. costing around $2,800. While thorough, she still has some stubborn hairs that the laser didn't fully remove.

She also got risky and unapproved hip injections for $2,500 which she doesn't recommend. There are safer options for fat transfer and implants that can create a curvier figure.

An Expensive But Life-Changing Journey

All in all, Nai Nicole estimates she has spent over $70,000 on the various transgender surgeries, procedures, and treatments she has undergone so far.

For many trans people, these procedures are medically necessary to align their bodies and appearance with their gender identity.

While not everyone will choose or can afford all the same treatments, Nai's transparency provides insight into the costs and physical impact of surgically transitioning from male to female. 

Her journey demonstrates both the financial commitment and emotional significance of using medical procedures to live authentically.

The Cost of Transgender Surgeries: Conclusion

In conclusion, Nai Nicole's journey of undergoing various plastic surgeries and procedures to transition from male to female has been a significant financial and physical commitment. 

Her transparency has provided insight into the costs and impact of surgically transitioning from male to female, and her journey demonstrates the emotional significance of using medical procedures to live authentically. 

While not everyone may choose or be able to afford all the same treatments, Nai's journey serves as a reminder of the importance of self-expression and the lengths some individuals are willing to go to align their bodies and appearance with their gender identity.