Recovering from Tracheal Shave Surgery: Transgender Woman’s Experience

Mathilda Hogberg shares her experience recovering from a tracheal shave surgery she underwent a week ago. She discusses the pain, swelling, and voice changes she has dealt with post-surgery.

Mathilda also provides insight into why she decided to finally undergo the procedure after living with gender dysphoria related to her Adam's apple for over 10 years.

Learn more about recovering from tracheal shave surgery from a transgender woman's experience.


Reasons for Surgery

Mathilda explains that she has lived with gender dysphoria for over 10 years due to having a visible Adam's apple.

Although she has always passed since transitioning over 10 years ago and undergoing other procedures like SRS and breast augmentation early on, her Adam's apple was something she disliked about herself.

She felt it did not belong on her body. After years of contemplation, Mathilda finally decided to undergo a tracheal shave to address this source of dysphoria.


Pain and Swelling

In the first week after surgery, Mathilda experienced significant pain and swelling. She describes having trouble swallowing, moving her head, and speaking, especially in a higher pitch.

The pain medications she was prescribed only lasted a few days, leaving her to manage considerable discomfort. She also has swelling that makes eating uncomfortable at times. The swelling is expected to last around 6 weeks.


Voice Changes

One of the most noticeable effects of the surgery has been changes to Mathilda's voice. She sounds hoarse and strained, particularly when trying to speak at a higher pitch.

This is very common after a tracheal shave as the vocal cords and throat heal. complete voice recovery can take up to 14 days. Mathilda is trying not to overuse her voice during this period to avoid permanent damage.


Scar Concerns

Mathilda explains one reason she waited so long to have the surgery was fear over visible scarring on her throat.

She is very careful about moving her head and neck to avoid putting tension on the incision area. Keeping the scar minimal is a priority for her in recovery.



Despite the pain and swelling, Mathilda expresses happiness about finally undergoing the tracheal shave. She is looking forward to seeing the full results once the bandages come off.

Removing her Adam's apple is expected to help alleviate long-standing gender dysphoria.



While tracheal shave surgery represented an important step in Mathilda's transition, the first week of recovery proved more difficult than expected. However, she is focused on allowing her body the proper time to heal and is optimistic about the results. Mathilda's experience provides an honest account of the tracheal shave recovery process for those considering the surgery.