Re-gendering Your Mind: How to Be A Rebel | MTF Transgender

Transitioning gender is not just a physical process but also a psychological one. Even years into living as their true gender, some trans folks experience occasional moments of self-doubt and dysphoria. 

In these instances, it can be helpful to re-evaluate our assumptions and consciously re-gender our mindset. Therefore, in this article, we dive deeper into the topic of re-gendering your mind: how to be a rebel.


Let Go of Rigid Gender Constructs

A common source of doubt is subconsciously judging ourselves against idealized gender stereotypes. If we don't feel "feminine enough" or "masculine enough" at every moment, we may wrongly conclude we are failing at our new gender. 

In reality, cisgender people also fluctuate in their gender expression day-to-day. No one embodies perfect femininity or masculinity constantly. Recognize that these constructs are largely artificial, so release yourself from the pressure to conform.


Trust Your Inner Truth

Remember that you have always been your authentic gender, even before the conscious transition. So when moments arise that seem discordant with your identity, consider that your expectations may be projecting false assumptions. 

Ground yourself in the lifelong truth that resides beneath societal filters. Don't let transient feelings distort your inner reality.


Focus on Self-Acceptance

Aim to embrace your personal gender experience as it unfolds, without judgment. Comparison against imaginary standards often backfires. 

Celebrate Gender as a journey of self-discovery, not a fixed destination. Approve yourself in this moment, without trying to realign with an idealized version of who you "should" be.


Build Confidence Through Re-Affirmation

Combat external doubt by regularly re-affirming your gender identity. Assert yourself as a man or woman with pride, disregarding voices that refuse to recognize your truth. 

And surround yourself with supportive communities who reinforce the rightness of your path. Inner confidence ultimately comes from speaking your reality into existence.

By shedding rigid constructs, trusting your intuition, accepting yourself, and boldly asserting your gender, you can re-align your mindset with your core truth when moments of doubt arise. 

Remain mindful, but don't let transient feelings distort your fundamental knowledge of who you are. You have the power to re-gender your consciousness.

Re-gendering Your Mind: How to Be a Rebel: Summary

In conclusion, transitioning gender is a journey that not only involves physical changes but also a psychological one.

It is common for trans individuals to experience moments of self-doubt and dysphoria, but it is important to remember that these feelings are temporary and can be overcome. 

One way to do this is by re-evaluating our assumptions and consciously re-gendering our mindset. This can involve letting go of rigid gender constructs, trusting our inner truth, focusing on self-acceptance, and building confidence through re-affirmation. 

By doing so, we can re-align our mindset with our core truth and live a life that is authentic and fulfilling. Remember, you have the power to re-gender your consciousness and live as the person you were always meant to be.