A Transgender Woman's Guide to Post-Op Care and Hygiene

Victoria describes her transition journey, which began 10 years ago when she first came out as transgender. Though she took steps to socially and medically transition, genital dysphoria remained a constant struggle.

Victoria avoided engaging with her male genitalia during sex and felt deeply uncomfortable with partners interacting with that part of her body.

After years of hormone therapy and living fully as a woman, Victoria finally underwent gender confirmation surgery four years ago. This life-changing procedure allowed Victoria to fully align her body with her female gender identity. 

Though lengthy healing and adjustment followed, Victoria says she has never felt more joyful, comfortable, and at home in her own skin since getting the surgery. In this article, we share a transgender woman’s guide to post-op care and hygiene.


Cleanliness Tips for Post-Op Trans Women

Post-op trans women require thorough personal hygiene since our bodies don't self-cleanse as efficiently as cis women's, Victoria cautions.

She recommends using a reusable douche to clean inside the vaginal canal, especially after intercourse or dilating. Warm water rinses away lubrication, semen, or other internal residues.

For external cleansing, Victoria prefers Dove's sensitive, fragrance-free bar soap. She cautions strongly against scented or antibacterial soaps, which can disrupt the vulva's delicate pH balance and cause irritation or infection.

Victoria also advises washing the entire vulva area twice whenever showering. First, cleanse the area fully during your overall body-washing routine. Then, right before exiting the shower, use your hand or a wet washcloth to gently cleanse the vulva again and rinse away any traces of soap. This two-step method helps ensure you feel fresh.

If going out or meeting a partner, Victoria suggests additional steps to feel extra clean down there. Lightly spritzing unscented essential oils around the bikini line (avoiding direct contact with genitals) adds a subtle sensual scent. 

She also discovered Vagisil Dry Wash spray, which can freshen externally between showers. However, Victoria still stresses that regular showers are imperative for hygiene.

Managing discharge is another key aspect of post-op cleanliness. Victoria always keeps panty liners on hand and recommends trans women do the same. Thin, unscented liners without wings are ideal for daily use.

In the initial post-op healing stage, she wore up to 6 liners at a time to gently compress and protect the healing incisions. 

Victoria also strongly advises unscented wet wipes to clean up after sex before urinating or any other activity. They leave you instantly refreshed. Her top tip for minimizing discharge and odors is maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and staying well hydrated. Sugar, alcohol, and smoking can worsen secretions.


Appearance Tips for Post-Op Vulvas

While many post-op women are delighted with the aesthetics of their new vulva, Victoria notes that surgical techniques vary widely. 

Those unhappy with visual appearance, sensation, or function can contact their surgeon to inquire about potential free revisions or corrections. Many top surgeons also offer additional paid procedures to further beautify the look based on personal preferences.

When it comes to hair management, Victoria gets regular professional Brazilian waxing but leaves a neatly trimmed landing strip. She waxes herself between salon visits using at-home wax strips, avoiding shaving that can cause stubbly regrowth. 

For skin care, Victoria moisturizes externally with natural oils like coconut but avoids using such oils internally where they can go rancid.

Victoria is thrilled to have achieved smooth, feminine skin through laser treatments and electrolysis on areas like her face, chest, arms, and bikini line. 

She's grateful to trans-friendly brands like KetchBeauty that make at-home hair removal accessible for trans women seeking permanent solutions. Their IPL device has helped Victoria feel confident in her skin during her transition.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) handset offers a cutting-edge method for hair removal that is longer-lasting than traditional methods. 

Say goodbye to unwanted face & body hair for good and enjoy soft, smooth, hair-free skin and professional-quality results in the comfort of your home with the KetchBeauty MX2 IPL Hair Removal Handset.


Maximizing Sexual Pleasure After SRS

Exploring your new genital anatomy thoroughly is key to forging mind-body connections that maximize sexual pleasure, Victoria emphasizes.

She suggests using a vibrator wand, especially while dilating, to become comfortable with the novel sensations in your post-op vulva and promote arousal. Starting slow while healing avoids frustration.

Lubrication is also essential, as most post-op women don't self-lubricate sufficiently for penetration. Victoria relies on a vaginal moisturizer, which promotes natural moisture inside the vagina.

For sex, she swears by a lubricant made of natural, consumable superfoods and free of harsh chemicals. She avoids typical drugstore lubes not meant for internal use.

Additionally, Victoria advises reading empowering books to better understand your unique sexual responses and needs as a woman. She stresses the joys of relaxing, exploring what types of touch feel good, and checking in with yourself regularly to maximize satisfaction in your sexual experiences.

Let your sexuality evolve and communicate with partners to have your needs met.

Above all, Victoria encourages trans women to celebrate their new bodies after surgery. Take pride in caring for your vulva. Never feel ashamed about seeking pleasure.

Victoria happily shares her post-op tips and insights in hopes of supporting other trans women in feeling comfortable and confident in embracing their femininity and sexuality.

A Transgender Woman's Guide to Post-Op Care and Hygiene: Conclusion

In conclusion, Victoria Rose's journey towards embracing her true self through gender confirmation surgery has not only been transformative but has also paved the way for her to share valuable insights on post-op care and hygiene for transgender women. 

Her experiences and recommendations offer guidance and support for those who have undergone this life-changing procedure or are considering it.

Above all, Victoria encourages trans women to celebrate their new bodies after surgery. Take pride in caring for your vulva. Never feel ashamed about seeking pleasure. 

Victoria happily shares her post-op tips and insights in hopes of supporting other trans women in feeling comfortable and confident embracing their femininity and sexuality.'