Positive Affirmations | MtF FtM Transgender

The transgender community faces a myriad of hurdles in life and as such, it is crucial to manifest positivity and good vibes. This article explores positive affirmations to make your life better. 

Begin by closing your eyes and acknowledge that you are a good person who adds value to the lives of those around you.

Live with this thought for a moment and accept that you truly are doing your best. If you don’t feel like you are doing your best, there is scope to better and optimize your potential. Therefore, there are no downsides to this.


The goal is not to be the best ever but to be the best version of yourself. You must be that version and allow yourself to grow and expand. The path that you are currently treading is complex and filled with challenges.

On some days, you may be at your lowest. However, traversing these tough paths also makes you one of the strongest people in the world. Resilience is your strongest trait.


You may have lost out on a lot of opportunities and cut off some very important ties to be true to yourself, which makes you a truly authentic person. While you lose out on a lot of things, you also gain self-love and self-preservation and build new, strong relationships.

Whatever you are going through right now is transient. But you have the power to overcome this and emerge a stronger person.  

It is completely natural to feel negative emotions while walking on this scary path. However, you are special and your identity, experiences, and emotions are valid.      


You are capable of creating positivity around you. On some days you may not see it, but your loved ones are constantly aware of your bright light. 

When you need to see that light for yourself on your darkest days, it is recommended to seek help from your favorite people. They would be happy to hold the mirror for you.    

On bad days, turn towards self-care and self love. Engage in your hobbies and do things that make you feel calm and relaxed. Read a book, take a warm bath, go on a walk, or just relax in any way that works for you.   


You deserve to take good care of yourself. Love can come not only from others, but also from within.

It is your responsibility to take care of your mind and body and to show them love. Love yourself and show up for yourself. Make decisions that are healthy and beneficial for you.


Constrictions can provide a great opportunity for self-realization and the development of solid unity and fundamentals that will pay dividends in the long run by forcing you to make decisions.

Over time, overcoming all of these obstacles, which feel massive at the time, will pay off hugely because the decisions you make later will be based on who you are.

The more you know about yourself, the more you will be able to achieve in the future. 

We hope this article will help you get through some trying times because you deserve to be happy. Good luck!! 

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