MTF Passing Tips (part 2)

What is passing? It is when a transgender woman is perceived as a ciswoman and a transgender man is perceived as a cisman.

In other words, this is the ability of a transgender person to blend in with cisgender people without everyone knowing right away that they are transgender.

Before we delve into the tips, it is crucial to note that trans people do not owe anyone anything.

Similarly, nobody has a right to police a trans person and pressurize them into passing.

That being said, it does help people in the trans community to stay safe and secure if they pass. 


These tips are general and may not always be suited to your specific cases. They are meant for trans women who really want to blend in.

As stated above, trans women are walking targets and are often victims of hate crimes and physical abuse.

Trans people are denied jobs, housing, and so much more. As a result, even if passing is not necessary, it may help in some cases.

It is also crucial to understand that masculinity and femininity are fluid states and there is no one way to be male or female.

The attributes and behaviors mentioned here are based on generally observed behavior among different genders and are not definitive rules.   



Firstly, work on styling your hair so it is more feminine. Don’t worry if your hair is not long enough yet.

You can always style short hair with pixie cuts and bobs. If you are still transitioning, you may feel conscious about growing out your hair.

However, today, so many men wear their hair long. If you have already transitioned, styling your hair becomes easier.

You can turn to braiding, plaits, hair clips, and so much more. To achieve this, it is so important to take good care of your hair.   



Accessorizing right can make all the difference. Thankfully, there are a host of options pertaining to accessories.

With respect to your hair, you can turn to hair clips, cute ties, and hair bands.

Then, there is dainty jewelry, dangly earrings, ear piercings, and if you are feeling it, even a nose piercing can all look very feminine.

When it comes to ear piercings, pears, hoops, and floral designs are perfect options. If you are looking for feminine neck pieces, chokers are in trend right now. And what’s more?

They can also help mask your Adam’s apple, if it exists. However, remember to be subtle with your jewelry. You do not want to wear everything at the same time as it would attract too much attention.   



One more tip that you can always count on is dressing in clothes that tend to add shape.

Trans women, as they set forth on the journey to augment their breasts, hips, and butt tend to feel insecure.

However, donning things that suit your body shape, such as an A line skirt instead or a pencil skirt to add more dimension can really help.

If you have an Adam’s apple, scarves can do wonders for your self-confidence.

Similarly, oversized coats are all in, so they are great for insecure trans women looking to hide their body to a certain extent. By tying up your scarf in a way that bundles up, and placing it under your coat, you can create an illusion of breasts.  


Take Care of Yourself

Nothing is more feminine than self-care. Eat right, take your medicines on time, work out, hydrate, and put your health first.

You can transform your body to a large extent by taking care of yourself, even without any hormones. In fact, hydration and a healthy diet can truly change your hair, skin, and nails in a positive manner.

Also ensure that you do not over-workout. Especially for trans women, some weight can help, as hormones would have a few fat cells that they can redistribute.

When you do work out, look for exercises that can trim your waist and enlarge your hips. It is easier to pass when there is some weight on your body.  



Finally, there is something about feminine perfumes that adds to the entire look. When people smell fruity undertones or lavender fragrances, their first instinct would be to put you in the feminine box.

So, it is definitely worth a shot. This applies to scented soaps and makeup as well. Try to find scents that define you. This can be another mode of self-expression for you as a trans woman. 


These are some tips we have for trans women who want to just blend in. Again, there is no right or wrong.

There is no necessity to work on passing if you are comfortable without it. But if you are looking to blend in, we hope this article helped. Good luck!!


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