MTF HRT Q&A: What's sex like after taking estrogen?

A common question that trans people have is associated with libido and sex drive once they begin HRT. Essentially, for trans women, this entails a shift from testosterone to estrogen.

Before we delve into this article, it is important to remember that there might be a difference people who always had high estrogen levels in the body- cis women - and those who underwent a shift from testosterone to estrogen.   


Several transgender women find this topic to be extremely important. When you begin to transition and undergo HRT, you are mitigating your testosterone levels to a large extent.

Therefore, many trans women are worried about what it could mean for their libido. The fact is that the HRT experience is unique for each trans woman. However, from the experiences shared by many trans women, there seems to be some commonality. 


If you are undergoing HRT before undergoing bottom surgery, you may find that your genitalia continues to do its job for a couple of months. Eventually, your experience with it may start to change.

After a few months of undergoing HRT, many trans women have reported that they felt like they no longer knew how to reach sexual climax.

Although they were capable of pleasuring themselves, it was no longer as easy to finish and as such, they began exploring other ways in which they can experience pleasure.  


The changes in your body may lead to sexual frustration. However, like most cis women, mental arousal may become a crucial part of your sexual experience.

To understand what works for you, it becomes pertinent to try different things and push your boundaries (to a comfortable threshold). It might be a hit-and-a-miss a lot of times and you might not experience any orgasms for a while.

However, as you explore your changing body, it is very likely that you will figure out how to go about it soon enough.  


Many trans women differentiate between orgasms and sexual experience. With an increase in estrogen levels in their body, their perception of sex alters.

Sexual energy might become more concentrated in the mental region and the overall experience might end up playing as pertinent a role as the climax itself.

It might help to seek mental stimulation during intercourse if mere physical activity is not helping. This is also a great time to explore kinks and other taboo sexual experiences if you are comfortable with them.


While how you experience pleasure and the frequency or reaching a climax might change, many trans women also report a higher sex drive after getting on hormones.

This could be attributed to feeling comfortable in your own skin. For many, this translates into mental arousal where there relationship to sex changes and they become more comfortable with the idea of pleasure and intimacy. 


In addition, as estrogen changes your body, you may be more open to different sexual experiences and more free with your sensuality, which could bolster your sex drive.

As you transition into who you want to be on the outside, you will find it easier to embrace your sexuality too.

The parts of you that you have denied due to your dysphoria may now be accepted by you, all of which will enhance your experience with sex.    


We hope this article has answered your questions and helped you form rational expectations from HRT and sex. Good luck!!

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