Mathilda Hogberg Shares Her Experience with Tracheal Shave Surgery

Mathilda Hogberg, a transgender woman who transitioned over 10 years ago, recently underwent tracheal shave surgery, also known as an Adam's apple reduction.

In this article, Mathilda Hogberg Shares Her Experience with Tracheal Shave Surgery.


Reasons for Getting the Surgery

Hogberg explains that her primary reason for getting the surgery was to help alleviate long-term gender dysphoria related to her Adam's apple. Though it wasn't very large, it was still visible and a source of sadness and distress for her.

After years of consideration, she finally decided to go through with the surgery at age 28 in hopes of improving her mental health and happiness.


Tracheal Shave Surgery Details

Tracheal shave, or Adam’s apple reduction surgery, is a procedure to reshape the thyroid cartilage in the neck to reduce the protrusion of the Adam’s apple. It is a common surgery pursued by transgender women as part of their transition.

Hogberg scheduled the surgery in November and had it performed in early March. The surgeon she used was the same one who had performed her other gender-affirming surgeries over the years.


Recovery Process and Experience

In the first video after her surgery, Hogberg's voice sounded strained and unstable as she was still recovering. She explains the importance of not straining or stretching your vocal cords too much in the first six months post-surgery to allow proper healing.

By the second video a week later, her voice was much improved and close to normal. She reported having some residual pain and swallowing discomfort as the surgical area was still swollen. This is common and resolves as swelling subsides over the next six weeks.

Overall, Hogberg was much happier in her second video and pleased with her decision to have the surgery done. She advises viewers to relax, avoid yelling, and be patient during the recovery process.


Risks and Results

According to Hogberg, the risks of tracheal shave surgery are relatively minimal. Potential risks include temporary or permanent changes to your voice, infection, and scarring. Thankfully, she did not experience these complications.

While it's too early to see her final results, she reports her Adam's apple is practically gone already. Some visible swelling and surgical strips remain on her neck, but this is expected to resolve over time as she heals.



Mathilda Hogberg's tracheal shave experience provides helpful insights for those considering the surgery. While recovery takes patience and care, she is ultimately thrilled with her decision. She encourages anyone interested to follow her social media for further updates as she continues to heal. Her openness and honesty offer a valuable glimpse into transgender experiences with gender-affirming surgeries.