Mathilda Hogberg’s Gender Reassignment Surgery Journey

Mathilda Hogberg is a transgender woman sharing her personal experience undergoing gender reassignment surgery (SRS) in Sweden. As an active YouTuber, she posts videos educating others about her transition journey in hopes of reducing prejudice against transgender people. 

In this article, we share Mathilda Hogberg’s gender reassignment surgery journey.


The SRS Process

Mathilda started her gender reassignment surgery (SRS) process around ages 15–16 in Sweden. It took 1-2 years to get approved for estrogen hormone therapy. After being on estrogen for over a year, she was able to get approved for SRS around ages 19–20.

The process involves meeting with psychologists and doctors and getting verified as transgender with gender dysphoria.

Once verified, the surgeries and medications are covered by Sweden's free healthcare system. This lengthy process ensures only those who medically need SRS can get the surgery.


Preparing for Surgery

Mathilda was both excited and nervous leading up to her surgery day. She knew SRS was necessary to treat her severe gender dysphoria and live a normal life. But it's also a major, complex surgery and things can go wrong.

Luckily, her surgeon was highly experienced, having worked internationally in places like London and Germany. Knowing she was in good hands relieved some anxiety.

The surgery was scheduled for May. Mathilda took 3 months off from school to recover, as SRS recovery takes about 3 months. She looked forward to having the summer to heal.


Surgery Day

On the morning of surgery, Mathilda went to the hospital with her supportive mother. Nurses prepped her, took blood tests, and got her settled into a hospital bed.

A few hours later, it was time. Nurses rolled her to the operating room on a hospital bed. The kind surgical team eased her nerves and got her ready for anesthesia.

They administered a spinal injection to numb her legs since the surgery is so painful. Once her legs were paralyzed and she couldn't feel pinpricks or wiggle her toes, she was ready. Mathilda received anesthesia and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


Waking Up After Surgery

Mathilda woke up feeling euphoric in the recovery room. A nurse checked on her and gave her a popsicle.

She was surprised she wasn't in excruciating pain, thanks to the strong pain medication. The best sleep of her life during surgery also left her feeling refreshed.

Getting a first glimpse under the bandages and seeing the results of her long-awaited surgery made Mathilda incredibly happy.


Recovering in the Hospital

The first few days after surgery were painful, despite medication. Mathilda had trouble sleeping in the uncomfortable hospital beds. She had to move rooms several times, which annoyed her when she just wanted to rest.

One time, a nurse moved Mathilda but didn't tell anyone. Mathilda started bleeding heavily alone in her room, unable to call for help, and panicked. Once the nurse returned and saw the blood, she apologized profusely. The bleeding was normal post-op bleeding.

Having numerous doctors and nurses examine the surgical site was unpleasant but necessary. Mathilda got over her embarrassment quickly since care was required.


Going Home

After 7 days, Mathilda was discharged. Her sister drove her home to rest in her own bed. That's when the real pain began, as she no longer had the strong hospital medications.

Days later, excruciating stabbing pain struck as she walked upstairs. Nerves reconnecting post-surgery can cause random, severe pain for months. She called her doctor, who said bleeding and pain were normal parts of the healing process.

Mathilda mostly rested at home for 3 months. After 9 months, she had a minor follow-up surgery to refine her aesthetics, which went smoothly.


Why Share Her Story?

Mathilda shares her personal SRS story to educate people about the realities of gender reassignment surgery and the transgender experience. Increased awareness and understanding can help reduce prejudice. If anyone has questions about SRS, she welcomes respectful discussion in the comments.

Mathilda Hogberg’s Gender Reassignment Surgery Journey: Conclusion

In conclusion, Mathilda Hogberg's journey through gender reassignment surgery (SRS) is an inspiring and informative story that sheds light on the process, challenges, and emotions involved in this transformative experience.

Her decision to share her SRS journey through YouTube and other platforms is a powerful and educational effort to help people understand the realities of gender reassignment surgery and to promote empathy and acceptance for transgender individuals.

Mathilda's willingness to share her story is not only brave but also a means to reduce prejudice and misconceptions about transgender individuals and their experiences. Through open and respectful discussions, she aims to foster a greater understanding of gender reassignment surgery and transgender issues.

By sharing her personal journey, Mathilda contributes to the broader dialogue on gender identity and helps build a more inclusive and compassionate society.