Hormone Replacement Therapy: Kittiemercury’s Experience So Far

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an important part of many transgender individuals' transitions. Transgender woman Kittiemercury shares her hormone journey after 10 months on estrogen.

This article reviews Kittiemercury's experience after experiencing hormone replacement therapy.


Starting Testosterone Blockers

After waiting many months for her doctor to prescribe testosterone blockers, Kittiemercury decided to go to a private gender clinic to finally get them. She was prescribed spironolactone, a common testosterone blocker, at a dose of 12.5 mg taken every other day.

Within the first week of taking spironolactone, she noticed some changes in genital functioning. Specifically, it took longer for her to "finish," and the feeling was more subtle than before. She sees this as a positive change overall.


Emotional Changes

In addition to physical effects, hormone therapy impacts emotions and mental health. Kittiemercury finds herself becoming irritable more easily during the first year of transitioning, which is often the most emotionally difficult period.

She emphasizes the importance of being transparent about the ups and downs of transitioning, rather than only focusing on the exciting parts like dressing femininely.

For those considering transitioning solely for feminine expression rather than a full social and physical transition, she suggests waiting before starting hormones.


Other Feminizing Effects So Far

After 10 months on estrogen alone, other feminizing effects include breast growth and slightly increased hair growth for Kittiemercury. She has not experienced hair thinning yet, which is a common effect of testosterone blockers and estrogen.

To help feminize her face, she plans to get facial feminization surgery in the future. She also plans to get voice feminization surgery to raise her vocal pitch and reduce strain when speaking in a feminine voice.


Looking Ahead With Optimism

While the first year of transitioning has been difficult both emotionally and psychologically, Kittiemercury feels hopeful about the future.

As she continues hormone therapy and plans further procedures, she is excited to see her body and presentation align more and more with her female gender identity.

Her message is that the transgender experience has both ups and downs, but taking steps towards transitioning, however big or small, will open doors to becoming one's true self. She encourages others to begin their transition journey to stay strong through the challenges.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Conclusion

In conclusion, Kittiemercury's experience with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) provides valuable insights into the complex and multifaceted journey of transitioning.

Her candid account of the first 10 months on estrogen and testosterone blockers sheds light on the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that accompany this transformative process.

Kittiemercury's experience highlights the significance of hormone therapy, demonstrating its impact on not only physical aspects such as genital functioning and breast growth but also emotional well-being. 

She openly shares the emotional challenges she faced during the initial phase of her transition, emphasizing the importance of transparency about the highs and lows. Her message resonates with the importance of embracing the full spectrum of transitioning, acknowledging that it isn't just about dressing femininely but also about navigating the emotional hurdles that often come with it.