Is it too late to transition?

Many transgender people wonder if it is too late for them to transition. However, is there really a specific time period where you can transition? The answer is no. There is no specific timeline past which you cannot transition. 

It is a genuine question, however, since people who haven’t transitioned aren’t aware of what awaits them on the other side. There is so much for you to find and experience, once you decide to take this road.

The fact is, who you are now and how you experience happiness right now vastly differs from who you would be following transition and how you would define happiness at that point.

The joy that you experience when you finally feel more like yourself and find who you are is incomparable to anything you have ever experienced before. This process is all about self-discovery and there is so much magic in that. 


You may experience several negative thoughts while you are considering transitioning, such as whether it is too late or that you might not look good or attain the desired results.

However, these thoughts are all superficial in comparison to the experience of discovering your true authentic self.

If you are considering transitioning, it is likely that you already want it deep in your heart. Therefore, just go for it because in life, you will only regret the things you did not do. Take a second to look back at your life and think of all the regrets you have experienced.

You undoubtedly do not want to experience that again, since with transitioning, the weight of the regret might be heavier, since you miss out on the opportunity to find yourself. 


The fact is that it is never too late.

While you may not be able to experience all the changes that you can experience when you are in your 20s if you are an elderly person, but you can still experience a lot of joy and happiness through your self-discovery.

As long as you innately want to transition, our advice is to dive in, as long as there are no risks to your health and well-being. Imagine yourself five years from now. Would that person still want to transition?

In that case, would they be happy about your decision to not transition sooner?

Most definitely not!  The majority of trans people that you encounter would state that they wish they had transitioned sooner.     


You can enjoy more of your desired results when you are younger, and thus, it is important not to delay your transition, if that is something you decide you want to do.

However, people who transition later also have a unique experience- you have enough time to understand yourself and calibrate what you think is acceptable for you.

If you are slightly aged, you might worry that transition may cause you to lose parts of yourself. However, the fact is that you will not lose yourself. Instead, you will tread closer to who you actually are. In essence, more of you would emerge at the forefront. 


However, if you are older, it is true that it takes time to work through your personality and persona more extensively, since you may be set in your ways in a lot of areas.

The reason is that you’ve been a specific way for most of your life and changing how you talk and act takes more effort the older you get.


With transitioning, your interests may also change to a certain extent. Firstly, the more you find yourself, the more you realize what you love and what nourishes your mental well-being. In addition, once you are openly trans, you can engage in activities that are gender-specific.

Before transitioning, people may have frowned at you for expressing interests that are considered feminine. But now, you are free to express yourself as you wish. 

We hope this has persuaded you to transition regardless of your age, provided you do want to transition. Good luck!!

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