The Inspiring Vocal Transformation of TransVoiceLessons' Zhea

Popular YouTube personality Zhea Erose, widely known by her channel name TransVoiceLessons, recently took fans through an audio time capsule of her vocal feminization journey over the past 5 years. 

In the video, Zhea shares the inspiring vocal transformation of TransVoiceLessons. She chronicles her vocal progression from masculine to feminine through clips documenting her highest highs and lowest lows.


A Passion for Music

Zhea’s love for music began in 2004, leading her to study music composition at university starting in 2010. A trained musician, Zhea became fascinated with acoustics and vocal production. 

However, not even Zhea herself could anticipate the vocal transformation that awaited her after graduating in 2015.


Pre-Transition Voice

In a March 2015 clip, a fully masculine voice emerges from Zhea’s untrained vocal cords, showcasing her low starting pitch and vocal mass. At this pre-transition stage, Zhea had not even come out to herself yet.


Early Attempts Marred by Mistakes

After coming out in May 2015, Zhea made her first attempts at feminizing her voice. Unfortunately, these early tries exhibited common beginner errors like over-abducting her vocal folds and constricting her false folds, resulting in a breathy, strained tone.


A Year of Stagnation

Over a year later, Zhea’s July 2016 recording revealed little improvement. She now incorporated a higher pitch but still struggled with thinness and retaining a masculine R1 resonance.

After hitting this plateau, Zhea took a break from vocal training to tour with her band.


The Breakthrough

Returning to consistent practice in early 2017 finally yielded a breakthrough. In a February clip, Zhea’s resonance improved tremendously after months of dedicated work and unique vocal experiments.

No longer following generic guides, Zhea had discovered her own techniques.


Viral Video Success

In September 2017, Zhea cemented her online fame by posting her viral “Female Voice in 2 Minutes” video, amassing millions of views.

Her voice exhibited incredible leaps in feminization thanks to her innovative training approach. However, some over-feminization remained.


Refining a Natural Voice

Despite now teaching vocal lessons full-time, Zhea continues improving her voice even today. Comparing live streams from 2019 to now reveals Zhea honing her technique for an organic feminine tone. After years of dysphoria, she finally sounds like herself.


A Message of Hope

Zhea shared the peaks and valleys of her vocal feminization journey to inspire others feeling doubtful.

For those struggling with their voice, she offers a message of hope - with dedication and time, you can achieve your vocal goals. Zhea is living proof that the payoff is worth the effort.

The Inspiring Vocal Transformation of TransVoiceLessons' Zhea: Conclusion

In conclusion, Zhea Erose, also known as TransVoiceLessons, has undergone an inspiring vocal transformation over the past 5 years. Her love for music and acoustics led her to study music composition and eventually become fascinated with vocal production. 

Despite not anticipating the vocal transformation that awaited her after graduating, Zhea has made significant progress through dedicated practice and unique vocal experiments. Her viral "Female Voice in 2 Minutes" video showcased her incredible leaps in feminization, and she continues to improve her voice even today. 

Zhea's message of hope for those struggling with their voice is that with dedication and time, it is possible to achieve vocal goals.