How To Say You're Transgender

If you have ever taken some time to wonder about your gender identity, it is likely that you contemplated on how to introduce yourself as a trans person.

This question may have an easy answer for some people, while others may struggle to approach it.

The reason is that social perception is everything for human beings. As a result, it is natural to wonder what others are thinking about your identity. Identifying yourself as a trans person in a social context can be awkward for a number of reasons. 


Firstly, specific social situations may feel like inappropriate settings to discuss your gender identity.

In addition, it may seem like people around you are already aware of your gender identity and thus, it might seem odd to reiterate it without context. If the other person does not bring it up, you may keep double-guessing about their perception of you.


Before you bring up your gender identity, the first question to ask is whether you want to come out or keep it a secret. Moreover,

  • how do you deal with interactions surrounding your identity?
  • Is being a trans person a comfortable topic to raise?
  • What type of a space are you in?
  • Is it a safe and a secure setting or could there be a threat to your security?    


In the trans community, it is natural to find people who are vocal about being trans and others who prefer to address this topic only with their close circle.

If you fall in the former category, you may feel tempted to come out if the setting seems appropriate to you and your identity seems to have some relevance in the context.

You may also feel comfortable clearing the air if it seems like people around you are tiptoeing around this topic.

At the end of the day, the only downside to coming out is that the interlocutor may not be accepting of you (unless you are in a space where transphobia and trans-based violence is rampant).

This is specifically about coming out in a social setting that is distinct from your close circle or your professional circle.  


A lot of times, things only turn into a big deal if they are made into one. But if you are straightforward and direct about who you are, it is unlikely to turn into a mountain.

If the conversation turns towards a topic that touches upon trans identity, you might feel comfortable disclosing this information and that is completely your prerogative.

Typically, you would either be met with positive reactions or those that are indifferent. Very few people would react in an offensive or inappropriate manner and in that case, you could either handle the situation with tact or excuse yourself.   


It is best to keep this simple. Addressing your identity in a matter-of-fact way can keep things light and ensure that your interlocutors do not react in an extreme or offensive manner.

If you spend too much effort or time mulling over it, you might find it to become extremely complex.

Deconstructing a topic often does the opposite of simplifying it, especially when it comes to gender. Therefore, it is best to just touch upon it without going into its nuances, especially when you are interacting with people who fall outside of your close circle. 

We hope this article helps. Good luck!!  


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