How to Overcome The Fear of Gender Reassignment Surgery

Surgeries can be scary, especially if you are scared of needles or blood. But for trans people, there are more factors that come into play.

The majority of trans women undergo surgeries such as facial feminization surgery and bottom surgery to mitigate gender dysphoria and feel closer to their authentic self.

However, this beautiful transformation can be very stressful due to the fear of the procedures.

There are many fears underlying this process beyond the knife itself- the fear of a botched job and worries about how people would perceive this step. This article aims to help you power through this scary phase. 


Firstly, it is important to identify how you view these surgeries and how you relate to them.

There is extensive transphobic discourse that claims that trans people tend to get addicted to surgeries or how they don’t even need them. However, it is important to filter out all these negative opinions and focus on what you want.

The goal must be to do what makes you feel happy and closer to who you truly are inside.

Trans people often feel disconnected with their own bodies. In addition, the world does not have a dearth of transphobic people. Therefore, it becomes particularly important for you to take whatever measures necessary to look out for yourself. 

Moreover, it is the same people who judge you for undergoing surgeries who also call you out or bully you when you do not pass. Thus, it is best to not take their opinions into consideration.     


Before we explore the fear factor, it is important to remind yourself what you truly want, by putting away your fear and lack of resources aside. These surgeries are an investment into your happiness and as such, it is pertinent that you do not compromise on them.

As far as any anxieties about being superficial is concerned, it is about much more than appearance. It is about looking exactly how you feel so you can feel comfortable in your own skin. 


Any individual who has looked up facial feminization surgery or bottom surgery might experience some fear and uncertainty.

The descriptions of these surgeries are frightening and the recovery periods are not going to look pretty. However, as far as the surgery is concerned, you will enter the room, you will sleep, you will wake up and you are done.

Adding to that, there is a happy ending- your face or your genitalia look exactly how you wanted them to look for several years. 


You could be scared of the aftermath of the surgery- the pain and the side effects that come with it. However, after a few days of pain, everything will become better than ever before.  


For you to feel more like yourself and embrace yourself, you have to go through pain. Typically, these surgeries are completely worth it. You hear very few trans people complain about these decisions.

The few days following the surgery might come with pain, nausea, immobility, fatigue and so on. However, all that is temporary. What is permanent is the outcomes of the surgery. If you want to undergo a surgery, just dive into it (provided you have the money for it). You are strong enough to deal with the repercussions.

Thousands of people have undergone these surgeries and they are alive and happier. The trans experience comes with pain. In the long run, it is easier to embrace it than to run away from it.  


These surgeries give you more than medical outcomes- they lead to positive transformation both inside and outside.

So do not let the fear engulf you. Instead, overcome it for a happier life (if you want to transition). We hope this article motivates you to act on your goals! Good luck!


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