How to Identify Your Own Specific Style as a Transgender Woman

For a trans woman, the word style takes on a completely different meaning since there are many aspects to consider such as physical attributes as well as history.

During transitioning, one of the first things that a person begins to wonder is what type of clothes they must buy. This is natural, since trans people tend to wear clothes on the complete opposite side of the spectrum until they start to transition.

This is an expensive switch since you must purchase a brand-new wardrobe. However, it is best to go slow with the entire process. To make this a more lucrative experience, we highly recommend finding pieces with high longevity.

It is natural to find yourself attracted to the current trends. However, not only is that wasteful, but it also is extremely generic, not enabling you to express who you are. 


Therefore, it is best to look for outfits that are timeless and then add to that to build your style.

With time, you will have multiple outfits you can wear when you head out. If you go with the current trend, it is very likely that you’d have to ditch many outfits that you purchase today within a year or so.

This holds true for big labels and brands as well- the moment clothes from the new season are launched, last season’s clothes are as good as rags. Thus, it is better to purchase basics and style them in a way that expresses your personality than to cling on to the ever-changing trends. 


We also recommend going thrift shopping, since it comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, it is highly cost-effective. Thus, you would be able to purchase many clothes and experiment with them until you can determine your style.

In addition, thrift stores typically offer a wide range of styles spanning multiple generations. As such, you can integrate different kinds of outfits to bring out your true personality.

Thus, the goal must be to purchase inexpensive clothes that you can style to fit your personality. The first few months are all about discovery and experimentation.

It is very easy to place things under the “not me” category, but you can only find your own style if you push your boundaries to a certain extent. Otherwise, you will end up putting yourself in a box.   


During the initial stages, it is also best to stick to monotones and neutral colors, since if you purchase a wide range of colors, trying to figure out how to mix and match can get quite complex and extremely expensive.  

Next, you could also create a style board in order to get inspired and further understand your style. You can do that on Pinterest or on a drawing board. This way, you can better visualize your style and identify what is working for you and what isn’t. 

It is completely okay if you cannot afford too many clothes right now. The fact is that constraints and limitations tend to bring out your creative side, which can be extremely helpful when you are still trying to figure yourself out.


The idea is to start simple and then expand your style. Otherwise, you may end up spending too much time with a mosaic of colors on your hands. 

Finally, as you begin to try out clothes, be ready to tackle disappointment. You may experience significant dysphoria on days when nothing seems to be working with your body.

However, with time, you will be able to work with your body and form to create optical illusions that add shape and curves to your body. 

We hope this article has helped you understand how to identify your specific style. Good luck!!

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