How To Forget That You're Transgender

It is common for trans people for their trans identity to consume them and dictate who they are in a variety of contexts. However, there is a lot of power that comes with forgetting that you are a trans person.

In fact, such moments where you forget that you are a trans person can help you power through many of your internal struggles. 

Take a moment to think about this.

Have you ever had a moment where you forgot that you were a trans person and instead, embraced the womanhood in you completely?

During such moments, your dysphoria probably temporarily disappeared for a few minutes and you did not worry about passing or how others perceive you.

You were probably completely present in the moment, without worrying about your trans identity or your gender. Wasn’t it powerful and euphoric?


It is natural to struggle with holding on to this feeling when you are in feminine spaces surrounded by cis women. In such spaces, you may notice all your differences quite vividly.

However, it may help to acknowledge and remember that a large part of attention directed at your differences comes from your own self.

Many times, ruminating over your identity leads you to feel out of place, more so than any of the external factors.

In fact, when you allow the same thoughts to run through your head on a daily basis, you make it your reality even when it is not.

This is often referred to as the self-fulfilling prophecy. Being aware of this can help you remind yourself that your objective and subjective realities may be vastly different.       


Therefore, if you want your moments to be free of your trans identity, you must first stop projecting that reality onto you.

As stated above, it can be quite powerful to seek moments and opportunities where you can shed your trans identity or not deal with society’s perception of you.

This takes time, effort, and dedication, so you can evolve past your thoughts that keep reminding you that you are trans.

You need to let go of your thoughts surrounding the struggles of being a trans person if you want your identity to not consume you.  


To reach such a place, you might have to spend a lot of time alone. Do things that celebrate your appearance and beauty.

Wear good clothes and click nice pictures. You can even dance and allow your body to flow with the beat, without any limitations. 

Internal narratives play a crucial role in shaping your perception of your identity and whether you cling on to the trans label or not. Each of us has a story and we live by and within it most of the time.

But, you need to expand your story beyond your trans identity and include other aspects and attributes in order to enjoy the power that comes with forgetting that you are a trans woman. 

A trans person’s story usually involves who they were, who they are, and who they want to be.

During transitioning, one tends to move between these spaces and it is crucial to move beyond that in order to truly experience life beyond these regions.

You are not a trans woman; you are a woman. This affirmation can go a long way in helping you find those moments of peace. Good luck!!

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