Facial Feminization Surgery Refugee interviews Surgeon Dr. Keojampa

Dr. Kiyo Keojampa has emerged as one of the most in-demand facial feminization surgeons globally. In this article, Facial Feminization Surgery Refugee interviews Surgeon Dr. Keojampa. 

In an in-depth interview with YouTuber Ashley Adamson, Dr. Keojampa discussed his distinctive background, perspectives on facial surgery procedures, and where he sees the field heading in the future. 

He provided insights into his journey to becoming a renowned expert in facial feminization surgeries, walked through what these procedures entail, and shared his vision for advancing this impactful area of medicine. 

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Keojampa conveyed his passion for helping transgender patients transition and feel comfortable in their appearance.


A Childhood Dream Realized

Image Source: drkeojampa.com

Dr. Keojampa's journey into medicine began decades ago, thousands of miles away. He grew up in Laos, where his father worked as a highly respected surgeon. 

At just 3 years old, Dr. Keojampa knew he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. He has vivid memories of observing his father making rounds at the hospital in Laos. This early exposure to the medical field had a lasting impact.

When the Vietnam War erupted, Dr. Keojampa's family was forced to flee Laos as refugees. Resettling in the United States, they had to build a new life from nothing. Dr. Keojampa became determined to overcome this challenge.

He worked hard to become the first in his family to graduate college. Having long dreamed of being a surgeon, he then set his sights on gaining acceptance to medical school.

Despite his disadvantaged background as a refugee, Dr. Keojampa persevered and gained admission. During his medical training, he decided to specialize in plastic surgery due to its creative and artistic nature. This brought him to a renowned plastic surgery center in Boston that pioneered facial feminization surgery techniques.


Discovering His Calling

While training in Boston, Dr. Keojampa interacted extensively with transgender patients for the first time. He was struck by the realization that they were just like him in their interests, talents, and ambitions. Their gender identity was the only major difference.

Dr. Keojampa also witnessed firsthand how facial feminization surgery could completely transform patients' lives. He saw them progress from being distressed and unable to function in society to suddenly being able to live as their true selves. The dramatic impact of these reconstructive procedures motivated him to specialize in this work.

Now, after over a decade of performing facial feminization surgery, Dr. Keojampa has honed his skills and techniques. He has led the development of new procedures to reduce scarring and enhance outcomes.

Patients come to him from all corners of the world, knowing they will be in the hands of a highly experienced, pioneering surgeon.


The Facial Feminization Process

In the interview, Dr. Keojampa sheds light on the typical patient journey through facial feminization:

  • Many patients have experienced gender dysphoria from a very early age, similar to knowing they wanted to be a surgeon since age 3. They think about their discordant gender presentation daily.
  • Undergoing procedures like chin and jaw contouring relieves this dysphoria. Patients report feeling free to live life and pursue goals unrelated to gender. They blend into society seamlessly.
  • Some patients have specific goals for surgery, while others give the surgeon artistic license. Clear communication ensures alignment between expectations and outcomes.
  • Factors like ethnicity and bone structure are considered to create natural, proportional facial changes. The surgeon's expertise comes into play to prevent overly feminine results.
  • Advanced techniques like 3D modeling help visualize surgical plans. The future holds promise for even less invasive procedures.

Improving Access

In the past, the high cost of facial feminization procedures meant that mainly older transgender individuals could afford surgery.

However, Dr. Keojampa has seen accessibility improve dramatically:

  • More companies offer insurance coverage for transgender employees. Starbucks became known for covering fertilization treatments, and transgender employees leveraged this to obtain facial surgery benefits.
  • Creative financing solutions make surgery possible even for younger patients early in their careers. Some take weekend jobs at companies with strong benefits specifically to fund procedures.  
  • The increasing number of skilled surgeons has made facial feminization more competitive and cost-effective.

According to Dr. Keojampa, facial surgery can be even more important than genital procedures for living authentically. He's heartened to see these life-changing options become available to more transgender people, allowing them to thrive socially and professionally.

 Image Source: drkeojampa.com


Looking to the Future

Now in the later phase of his career, Dr. Keojampa remains passionate about advancing facial feminization surgery.

When asked how he has leveled up as a surgeon, he notes that visiting surgeons often remark on techniques they have never seen before. He is always developing improved methods and is eager to teach the next generation.

Dr. Keojampa stresses that with every procedure performed, he increases in skill and artistry. Patients who may wait over a year for surgery with him can be assured they will ultimately get the best possible outcome. 

For patients undergoing facial surgery, he represents hope for a future where gender identity can be expressed without judgment or limitations.