Nofar Morali Shares Her Experience Adjusting HRT

Nofar Morali is a 22-year-old transgender woman living in Israel. She runs a popular YouTube channel where she creates transgender-related content and shares her transition journey with thousands of viewers.

In one of her latest videos, Nofar Morali shares her experience adjusting HRT over the past two months. She explains her reasoning behind altering her dosages and the effects it had on her body and mental health.


Nofar’s Previous Hormone Regimen

Up until two months ago, Nofar’s HRT consisted of taking 6mg of estrogen and 100mg of progesterone daily. She had been on this combination for a while and found that it was helpful for feminization; her breasts became rounder and her body continued developing feminine curves.

However, after several months on this high dose of hormones, Nofar started experiencing some negative side effects. She regularly had stomach pain, which she attributes to the large number of pills she was ingesting every day.

Nofar also noticed her mental health declining - she dealt with increased gender dysphoria, mood swings, crying spells, and overwhelming emotions. She describes feeling down and struggling to handle the hormones, even as someone who has been on HRT for 6 years.


Deciding to Adjust Her Hormone Dosages

Due to the physical pain and mental health impacts, Nofar decided it was time to make a change to her HRT. She stopped taking progesterone completely and lowered her estrogen dosage to 5.5mg.

This reduction took some trial and error under the supervision of her doctor and endocrinologist. Nofar emphasizes the importance of having medical guidance rather than attempting to alter HRT independently.

Nofar’s doctor helped prescribe new dosages and monitor her health to ensure she was improving. Nofar explains that her intention was to find the ideal balance of hormones tailored specifically to her body and needs.


The Effects of Lowering Her Hormones

According to Nofar, lowering her estrogen and stopping progesterone has greatly improved her physical and mental well-being. Her chronic stomach pain has dissipated now that she is ingesting fewer pills every day.

Her mental health has also seen positive changes - her mood is more stabilized, she feels less depressed, her gender dysphoria has decreased, and her emotions are more regulated.

Interestingly, Nofar notes that her feminine physical features have stayed the same even with fewer hormones. She remarks that her curves, breasts, buttocks, and overall appearance did not change after lowering her dosages.

In Nofar’s opinion, her body continues to look beautiful and feminine at her new regimen of 5.5 mg of estrogen. She feels satisfied with her results while taking fewer hormones.


Future Goals and Takeaways

Looking ahead, Nofar aims to gradually increase her estrogen dosage again, potentially up to 6mg if she can do so without negative side effects. She also plans to reintroduce natural progesterone, but at a lower dose that her body can likely tolerate better.

Nofar emphasizes being open to tweaking hormone levels over time to achieve your ideal balance and listening closely to the feedback your mind and body provide. Finding the optimal HRT regimen is an ongoing journey, but being patient and working with medical professionals leads to the best outcome.

Her experience shows that maintaining a feminine look may be possible with lower hormone doses for some. Most importantly, Nofar advocates prioritizing your health and happiness throughout your transition.

Nofar Morali Shares Her Experience Adjusting HRT: Conclusion

In conclusion, Nofar Morali's experience adjusting her HRT regimen highlights the importance of finding the ideal balance of hormones for each individual's body and needs.

Nofar's previous high dose of hormones led to negative side effects, including physical pain and mental health issues. By lowering her estrogen dosage and stopping progesterone, Nofar was able to improve her physical and mental well-being.

Nofar's experience also shows that maintaining a feminine look may be possible with lower hormone doses for some. However, it is important to note that this may not be the case for everyone, and it is crucial to work with medical professionals to find the optimal HRT regimen.

Overall, Nofar's experience emphasizes the importance of prioritizing health and happiness throughout the transition process. It is essential to be open to tweaking hormone levels over time and to listen closely to the feedback provided by the mind and body. With the right guidance and support, individuals can achieve their ideal balance and live their true selves.