Making DIY Hair Extensions from an Old Wig

Growing out and styling short, thinning, or fine hair can be difficult. Clip-in extensions can be painful, and full wigs can be hot and uncomfortable.

A solution is to make DIY hair extensions by repurposing an old wig. This method creates comfortable, customizable extensions that blend seamlessly with natural hair.

In this article we explore the methods of Making DIY Hair Extensions from an Old Wig.


Supplies Needed

To make DIY wig hair extensions, you'll need:

  • An inexpensive synthetic wig (or a human hair wig you no longer wear)
  • Fishing line or thin wire
  • Wig clips (optional)


Cut and Prepare the Wig

Start by cutting out a 4-inch by 4-inch section from the center part of the wig's lace front. This will create an opening to leave the top section of your natural hair exposed.

Next, determine how long you need the extensions to be. Measure from your temples to around your ear on each side.

Cut an appropriate length of fishing line and knot each end securely to the front sections of the wig. This will create an anchor point on each side to clip the extensions in place.


Style the Extensions

To wear the DIY extensions, section off and clip up the top portion of your natural hair that you want left out.

Drape the wig over your head and secure the fishing line pieces around your temples. Use the wig clips to anchor the bottom, if desired.

Blend your natural hair over the fishing line pieces to hide them. Style and curl the extensions and your natural hair together. The wire is comfortable and blends right in!


Benefits of DIY Wig Extensions

  • Comfortable, non-damaging option for growing out natural hair
  • Customizable length and volume
  • Easy to remove and re-clip as needed
  • Seamlessly blends with your natural hair
  • Much more affordable than professional extensions

We hope this DIY wig transformation gives you ideas if you're looking to add length and volume to short, thin, or growing-out hair!