Dating as a Trans Women

As a transgender woman, dating can be challenging and even overwhelming.

In fact, many do not know what to expect when re-entering the dating pool or how to navigate it seamlessly.

This article provides a few tips and tricks to help you through this situation. 


Firstly, it is natural to wonder what is the right time to disclose that you are a trans person.

We recommend divulging it right away. Maybe you could wait for a few hours or a day to see if you are actually interested in taking it forward, but it is best not to delay this.

Ideally, do this via social media instead of in-person because it is easier to do so.

Sometimes, bringing this up offline might threaten your safety as they may react aggressively or violently.

We recommend disclosing this information right away so you do not waste any time on someone who is not comfortable with your identity.   


As far as finding a date is concerned, there are a lot of options in terms of online dating. Obviously, you will encounter several frogs before you find your Prince Charming, particularly as a trans woman.

There are several dating apps created to cater specifically to trans people, such as TransFable.

These niche apps are perfect as you won’t have to waste your time screening through many men who do not want to date trans women.

It is always a good idea to turn to apps that have a strict verification process, for optimal security.

This will also ensure that you don’t encounter bots or fake accounts.     


Confidence is another important aspect of dating.

Remember that you are worthy of love. It is important to own your trans identity. Do not hide who you are.

You will only get what you want if you go out and ask for it. You are beautiful, so own that.

You might come across people who state that they do not want to date trans women and that is their problem, not yours.   


What is also important to remember is that you must always meet in a public setting.

If anyone suggests meeting at your place, please shoot down the idea immediately.

In particular, a first date should always be at a public place around people. It may also be a good idea to disclose your identity in a public setting if you want to do it offline.

Moreover, whenever you are going on a date, ensure that you inform your friends or family where you are going and who you are going with.


We also think transparency is crucial

- always tell them what you are expecting from dating.

Be transparent about whether you are looking for something casual, a hook-up, or are hoping to date seriously.

Never hide your intentions or motives, because that way, even you lose.   

 In the dating scene, always be wary of chasers.

These are typically men who are into casual hook-ups and tend to objectify women.

As a result, they are also extremely disrespectful to trans women and only look to “conquer” them.

They do not see trans women as people and as a result, can be a threat to your safety.  


As you re-enter the dating pool as a trans woman, be ready for a barrage of questions regarding your identity.

Many people might be taken aback when you first disclose that you are a trans woman as they may not be expecting that.

Others may genuinely be curious and want to learn more. Try not to lose your temper or get offended unless it is their intention to be offensive.

Otherwise, if you are in the mind space for it, you could try educating them. Obviously, there is no such compulsion.     


Finally, be prepared for rejection.

It happens to everyone, more so with trans people. Even if you are passable, you may face rejection when you disclose your identity.

It will be hard and challenging, but it will eventually sort itself out. Just be patient, don’t lose hope, and always remember your worth. 


These are all the tips we have for trans people re-entering the dating pool. It may not be an exhaustive list, but we hope it helps. Good luck!!