Bikini Laser Hair Removal at Home (Results Guaranteed)

Laser hair removal at home is a relatively new method of getting a smooth bikini line.

The majority of bikini lines are done these days with laser hair removal, which reduces irritation and razor burns compared to regular waxing or shaving.

At home IPL hair removal devices are safe to use but results can vary greatly depending on skin type, color, and coarseness of the hair.

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Does at home bikini laser hair removal work?

Yes, at home bikini laser hair removal can actually work at home.

The key to getting great results is to be consistent with your weekly IPL treatments.

Though it is a simple and quick thing to do, many people report that they often forget to do their treatments which slows down the rate at which results are achieved.


Is at home laser hair removal safe?

Yes, home laser hair removal is safe and relatively painless.

There may be some mild discomfort just after treatment but this will subside very quickly.

As with any new method, we advise that you do a patch test on the inside of your wrist before use to check for any side effects.

At home technology for removing body hair has been adapted from medical technologies used in clinics and hospitals throughout the world.


How does home laser hair removal work for the bikini line?

bikini laser hair removal

At home bikini laser hair removal can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom.

At-home laser hair removal is very similar to professional laser treatments but at a fraction of the cost.

The technology works by sending light through the skin where it is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and heats it.

This method is similar to getting a tattoo, but instead of ink pigment being targeted by the laser, it's just melanin.

This method has been used for several years on people who want to remove unwanted body hair from their hands or face with great results.


Are there side effects?

bikini laser side effect

Side effects of laser hair removal are rare but can include redness of the skin or a slight soreness.

Since the wavelengths used in at home laser hair removal are different than professional treatments, there is less risk of any side effects for your skin.


How expensive is bikini laser hair removal

The average cost for bikini laser hair removal is $80 per session and 8-10 sessions are usually required to produce noticeable results.

Considering that a wax or shave costs around $40, laser hair removal actually works out cheaper in the long run.

At home laser hair removal technology has made it available for those who want to remove hair from inconvenient places such as the bikini and pubic area.


Is at home bikini laser hair removal permanent?

Although at home bikini laser hair removal can permanently reduce hair.

It should be noted that the cost of at home laser hair removal devices are much cheaper than professional treatments but there may be people who want to achieve their desired results in a shorter amount of time.


How to prepare for bikini laser hair removal

how to prepare for bikini laser hair removal

Before bikini laser hair removal you will need to shave the area that is going to be treated. Shaving the area the day before treatment is ideal but not necessary.

For best results with your at home treatments, the area should be completely dry before treatment and shaved before treatment.


Is at home bikini laser hair removal painful?

painless bikini laser hair removal

No, at home laser hair removal treatments are not considered painful when properly applied.

After treatment, there may be mild discomfort when the area is rubbed but this will subside very quickly.

What kind of lasers are used in bikini laser hair removal?

At-home devices use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) instead of traditional diode lasers


Is at home bikini laser hair removal worth it?

Yes, considering the average cost of professional treatments is around $1,000 while the average at-home bikini laser hair removal system costs around $300.

Comparing it to other forms of hair removal such as waxing or threading, it works out far cheaper for those who are looking to permanently reduce unwanted hair down there.


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