10 Best Places to Shop for Swimwear if You're a Transgender Woman

Finding a cute, flattering swimsuit can be really tricky for transgender women and cross-dressers. Mainstream swimwear brands just aren't designed with our bodies in mind. Their suits rarely provide enough tucking or compression to make us feel comfortable and confident.

Luckily, there are now lots of amazing options catering specifically to trans femmes and gender non-conforming folx. I've rounded up the 10 best places to shop for swimwear if you're a transgender woman or cross-dresser looking to slay in a swimsuit this summer!

1. En-Femme

This transgender-owned brand prides itself on super feminine designs made specifically for trans bodies. They have an amazing selection of cute tucked bikinis and one-piece suits.

2. GenderBender 

Shop an expansive range of tucking bikini bottoms here, with lots of colors, fun prints, and multiple size options to get the perfect fit.

3. Etsy 

Don't overlook Etsy for great tucked and transgender-friendly swimwear! Talented independent designers offer truly unique suits you won't find anywhere else.

4. LeoLines 

This specialty Etsy shop creates high-quality tucked bikini bottoms using compression materials that enhance support and comfort. Worth the price!

5. Fit 4U Solutions 

Find an array of handmade, artisanal tucked bikini bottoms made from premium compression fabrics for tucking and shapewear.

6. Zoah 

Check out this UK-based brand for super stylish and fashionable tucked one-piece suits and swimwear designed for trans femmes.

7. Origami Customs 

Their genderless swimwear provides more light compression than fully tucked styles. And you can fully customize the suits to fit your body!

8. Untag 

Established in 2004, this Dutch brand has years of experience crafting mastectomy suits, compression tops, and tucking swim bottoms.

9. Breast Forms Store 

Find mastectomy-ready swim tops designed specifically for wearing breast forms. Tucking and compression are limited though.

10. Cross-dress 

Get fully customized swimwear with built-in pockets and tucking rings. Made specially for cross-dressers and trans women.

This summer, don't waste time with boring old mainstream swimwear that won't fit right. Check out these awesome gender-diverse brands designed just for trans and non-binary bodies of all shapes and sizes!


10 Best Places to Shop for Swimwear for Transgender Woman: Conclusion

In conclusion, finding a flattering swimsuit that caters to the unique needs of transgender women and cross-dressers can be challenging. However, with the rise of gender-diverse swimwear brands, there are now plenty of options available. 

En-Femme, GenderBender, Etsy, LeoLines, Fit 4U Solutions, Zoah, Origami Customs, Untag, Breast Forms Store, and Cross-dress are all great places to shop for swimwear that provides the necessary tucking and compression for a comfortable and confident summer. 

By supporting these brands, trans and non-binary individuals can find swimwear that not only looks great but also enhances their body positivity and self-esteem.