Being With A Trans Girl: A Partner's Perspective

YouTuber Mathilda Hogberg sat down with her partner to ask him questions about what it's like to be in a relationship with a transgender woman.

In this article - Being With A Trans Girl: A Partner's Perspective - Mathilda wanted to provide insight into her partner's point of view, as he has been with Mathilda for 7 years, since before her transition.


Partner's Previous Knowledge of Transgender

When asked if he knew what being transgender meant before meeting Mathilda, her partner said he had a basic understanding but hadn't researched it in depth. He knew a few transgender people through social media but didn't have close transgender friends.

So when Mathilda first came out to him as transgender, he grasped the general concept that she was born male and transitioned to become a woman, but he did some research afterward to educate himself further.


Reaction to Mathilda's Transition & YouTube Presence

Mathilda asked how her partner felt about her being openly transgender on YouTube and in the public eye. He expressed his full support, saying he thinks it's great that she is educating people and spreading a message of acceptance.

When she first decided to come out publicly, her partner also supported her decision, despite Mathilda feeling very nervous herself.

On the day her coming out was featured in the newspaper, they were at a spa together, and her partner told her not to worry and that everything would be fine.


Partner's Family's Reaction

Mathilda wondered how her partner's family would react when they found out she was transgender.

He shared that since his family already knew and loved Mathilda before she came out, the news didn't really change anything. They accepted her just the same.


Challenges of Dating a Transgender Woman

When asked if it is more difficult to date a transgender woman than a cisgender woman, Mathilda's partner said the main challenges are her struggles with gender dysphoria and their inability to have biological children together.

However, he emphasized that neither of these notably affects their happy relationship. He is there to support Mathilda through dysphoric episodes and is open to adoption.


Positives of Dating a Transgender Woman

In terms of positives, Mathilda's partner said that through being with her, he has learned a great deal about transgender topics that he likely wouldn't have otherwise. Mathilda joked that she educates him daily.


Awkward Situations

One awkward situation Mathilda's partner recalled was when guests at a party asked inappropriate questions about their sexual lives after Mathilda had left. This highlighted the ignorance some people still have about transgender relationships.


Thoughts on Adoption

When asked how he feels about not being able to have biological children, Mathilda's partner reiterated that it doesn't matter to him whether they adopt or have biological children.


Overall Experience

In summary, Mathilda's partner emphasized that being in a relationship with a transgender woman is not much different than dating a cisgender woman in their experience.

Aside from a few specific factors like fertility, her being transgender does not significantly affect their happy, healthy relationship on a daily basis.



Mathilda's video provided an insightful look into the real-life experience of being the partner of a transgender woman. While challenges exist, their relationship shows an overall normalcy that defies stereotypes. Her partner expressed unconditional love and support throughout her transition and public coming out.