An*l Academy 4 : Bedside Manner 🍆🍑 | MTF Transgender LGBTQIA+

Anal sex can be an important part of intimacy for many trans women and their partners. However, it also comes with unique challenges around communication, discomfort, and maximizing pleasure. 

This An*l Academy 4 article offers tips for trans women and their male partners to build trust, better communicate, and improve the anal sex experience.


The Challenges of Frequent Anal

As a trans woman who cannot yet have vaginal sex, anal penetration is the primary way she can take a stereotypically feminine role during sex with her male partner. 

She appreciates this opportunity for intimacy. However, the frequency and intensity of their anal sex left her feeling sore and less eager for it.

This prompted an important conversation where she explained the concept of her anus having "weather" - meaning its readiness and receptivity changes day to day, just like the weather. Asking partners to check in on how things are "down there" sets reasonable expectations and builds trust.


Start Slowly

It's important to start anal play very slowly and gently, which allows the nervous system to acclimate and associate the new sensations with pleasure. 

Rushing into intense anal penetration can shock the system, causing more pain and discomfort. Building up gradually to a more vigorous anal helps the body learn to invite it.


Communication During Sex

Communication during sex is also key. Giving live "tweets" on what feels good, what's getting sore, and when more lube is needed helps steer things in a better direction and prevents hurt feelings later.

Moaning and vocal sounds also communicate enjoyment. Focusing on the actual physical sensations and letting natural vocalizations emerge allows for more present and connected anal sex.


Dirty Talk

Verbal intimacy helps amp up arousal for both partners. Saying erotic phrases that tap into each person's turn-ons can heighten the experience for both.

For example, many trans women and their male partners enjoy gentle domination/submission dynamics during sex. 


An*l Academy 4: Conclusion

While anal sex poses unique challenges for many trans women, improving communication, building trust, and maximizing pleasure make it more rewarding for both partners. 

Approaching it with patience, care, and erotic creativity allows trans women and their partners to explore anal intimacy in healthier ways.