Am I Transgender? - How to Figure Out if Your Transgender

Gender ambiguity and confusion can be quite overwhelming. Before we delve into the article, it is important to understand that only you can determine your gender identity.

This article can only guide you towards finding your answer, but ultimately, there is no straightforward method to answer this question.

It takes a lot of effort and work to get in touch with your inner self and determine your true identity. It takes deep spiritual inner work to get in touch with your authentic self.  

But, in essence, only you know the answer. If mental efforts are not adequate to answer this complex question, we recommend taking action. Push your boundaries and see if you still feel comfortable.

At the end of the day, the question is whether you are comfortable in your own skin and if you relate with your gender identity. If you are not, it may be time for a change. 


But what does action entail?

If you feel femininity flowing within you, it is a good idea to try makeup or dresses or whatever you are willing to experiment with in the initial stages.

You could try connecting with your inner femininity and womanhood to see if any of the confusion dissipates.

If you feel comfortable experimenting with gender-based attributes, there may be some merit to your confusion.

Another way that most trans people recognize their identity is through their sense of authenticity.

If you do not feel authentic with your born physical attributes, you may have to explore your gender identity.

While exploring this question and experimenting with your identity, it is very important to remember that you must stick to the pace that you are most comfortable with.

There is no time limit to recognizing your gender identity or even transitioning. You have your entire life to figure out who you are.

Rushing the process can only do more harm than good. Gender identity and transitioning are two heavy subjects and require complete commitment.


If introspection does not help you, and you are still as confused as you were when you first started, it may help to get in touch with a licensed therapist.

It is also important to remember that there isn’t just one kind of trans person. Every trans person is unique. However, if you are a trans person, you have a certain level of gender dysphoria.

There are many gray areas and therefore, you need not transition even if you are uncertain about your gender.


For many trans people, their childhood is riddled with a lot of confusion and ambiguity about their identity.

They may feel like they do not fit in with the gender that they were born into. You may even have experienced or even expressed interest in hobbies and games that are conventionally considered “feminine” even though you were born with male genitals.

In addition, you probably never fit in with the boys. You may have found sports or boy scouts to be extremely boring.


For many others, puberty brings about a lot of discomfort and the realization that they do not feel comfortable in their skin or relate to their body on any level.

You may even have felt repelled with the development of masculine traits and characteristics.

You may also have felt very uncomfortable each time you were categorized as a man. In fact, a lot of trans women have spoken about how they began to shave at a very young age because they were uncomfortable with their body hair.             

However, many young people live in this confusion until they understand what being trans means. Once they are exposed to knowledge regarding different gender identities, they may recognize themselves in these discourses.

While some people realize it immediately, others may take time or even live in denial for a few years.  

After realizing their identities, some people may choose to live in the same bodies while others may begin their transition almost immediately. There is no right or wrong way to go about this.


The journey of self-discovery is unique for each trans person.

It can be scary, overwhelming, and confusing but eventually, you will find your answers. Many trans people have a period where they even experiment with androgyny.

Before jumping into conclusions, it is important to study about various gender identities- you could be non-binary or gender fluid too. Ambiguity does not necessarily translate to being trans. 

We hope this article set you on a helpful path. Good luck!! 

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