6 Myths About Being Transgender

As a transgender woman, you may have encountered abundant misinformation both online and offline regarding what it means to identify as one.

These myths range from absolutely absurd ideas to ones that can be harmful to the community as a whole.

So let us delve into the various myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions surrounding being a trans woman.  


1.) Cross-dressing 

A lot of people inaccurately believe that every trans woman is essentially a cross dresser- a man dressed as a woman- or a drag queen.

This is factually incorrect, as trans women are women. They identify as women and many even undergo HRT and other medical procedures to transition their body and align it with their identity.

However, please note that a trans woman need not undergo medical procedures and transition physically to actually be a woman.  


2.) Every Trans Person is the Same

This is another prominent myth regarding the trans community. Please note that the term transgender is an umbrella term.

It is usually used to denote a large number of identities including transsexual people, those who are intersex or gender fluid individuals.

Transsexual people are those who are born in the wrong body and typically associate or identify with the other gender.

They may transition through surgeries, hormonal therapies, and other medical procedures available.

However, not every transsexual person undergoes these procedures, but that does not erode their identity in any manner.  


3.) Being Trans is a Choice

This is among the more ridiculous myths. Some people believe that transgender people choose to identify with a particular gender.

This is far from the truth. Just like cisgender people do not make a choice about their gender, trans people are also born in a way where they identify with a specific gender.

Every transgender person identifies with a particular gender for as long as they can remember and are aware that their identity is not as rigid as society believes. 

Being trans comes with a lot of discrimination, stress, anxiety and pain (if you choose to transition).

As a result, nobody would voluntarily choose to put themselves in such an overwhelming position.

Most transgender people associate with their identity from childhood, long before they understand the concept of making choices. 


4.) Medical Procedures

Another common myth is that trans people undergo just one surgery or none at all.

However, every individual is different and the number of permutations and combinations of surgeries and procedures that different trans people undergo cannot be summarized in this article.

However, here are some of the procedures a trans person may choose to undergo- bottom surgery, hormone replacement therapy, breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, vocal surgery, and more.

Obviously, some people choose not to have any surgeries or procedures at all and that’s completely normal as well.  


5.) Vaginoplasty and Orgasms

Transphobia is at the root of this specific myth.

There is a widespread misconception that, since trans people undergo bottom surgery and vaginoplasty, their nether regions look fake and cannot result in sexual climax.

However, that is completely untrue. Thanks to modern science, the result of vaginoplasty is extremely impressive and moreover, a substantial amount of sensation is experienced down there to reach sexual climax.

So, in essence, it does not look fake and serves its purpose. 


6.) Sexuality and Gender

This is another misconception that is particularly common amongst the trans community- that you have to be straight in order to be a trans woman.

Sexuality and identity are two separate concepts and thus, there is no association between those two.

It is common for trans women to like men. Similarly, it is also common for trans women to like women.

Thus, there are no rigid rules in this area. You can be a lesbian trans woman and that is completely normal. 


So these are some of the myths surrounding transgender people and we hope we busted them effectively!