YouTuber: Nofar Morali Shares Her 5-Year HRT Journey

Nofar Morali is a transgender woman who has been documenting her hormone replacement therapy (HRT) journey on YouTube.

In one of her latest videos, she shares an update after 5 years on HRT and the changes she has experienced physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So, let’s take a deeper look at Nofar Morali’s 5-year HRT journey.


Starting Hormones at 17 Years Old

Nofar started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) when she was 17 years old. Today she is 21 and a half, so it has been about 4 and a half years now.

She thinks she started with 1 milligram of estrogen, just one pill of 1mg, either once or twice a week. She can't quite remember. Today, Nofar takes about 6 milligrams daily, which is a lot. 

Her endocrinologist has steadily increased her dosage every 3 months over the last 4.5 years. Just 3 weeks ago, they upped her dose to 6mg, which is likely the highest they can prescribe.


Changes Nofar Has Experienced on HRT

Even after 4.5 years, Nofar is still experiencing changes from the increased estrogen dosage. Her breasts continue to grow - she's not wearing a bra right now and they're still getting bigger thanks to the recent dose increase.

Her family has a history of large breasts, so Nofar feels lucky that hormones and genetics have blessed her in that department!

Here are some of the other changes Nofar has noticed over the years on HRT:

Physical Changes

  • Breast growth and nipple/areola development
  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Fat redistribution to hips, buttocks, and face for a more feminine figure
  • Reshaped nose
  • Clearer skin and reduction in acne

Mental/Emotional Changes

  • Changes in thoughts and emotions - Nofar thinks and processes things differently now in a positive way. She feels more sophisticated and calculated.

Other Effects

  • For the first year or so, Nofar could squeeze "milk" from her nipples. This stopped eventually.
  • She gets a testosterone blocker shot every month along with her estrogen pills. The shot works very quickly to suppress testosterone.


Nofar's HRT Experience Overall

Starting hormone therapy at a young age has allowed Nofar to develop a feminine figure over time. With the help of estrogen, testosterone blockers, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, she has grown into the woman she is today.

While the physical changes have been significant, the mental and emotional changes from HRT have been equally impactful for Nofar. She feels comfortable in her own skin now and is thankful for the care she has received that's allowed her to transition.

After almost 5 years on hormones, Nofar is happy with her results so far. She looks forward to seeing what further changes may come as she continues her transition journey.

Her advice to others exploring HRT is to work closely with your doctor, monitor your progress, and stay patient - the timeline for changes varies per individual.