1 Week After Facial Feminization FFS | MtF Transgender

Famous transgender YouTuber Ashley Adamson recently shared her experience with facial feminization surgery (FFS) one week after undergoing the procedures.

Ashley posted a video update documenting her recovery and initial impressions so far. In the video, Ashley provided a raw, personal look at the first week after a major facial transformation surgery.

Ashley underwent FFS about 1 week ago, which involved surgical procedures to feminize and soften some of her more masculine facial features. Like many transgender women, Ashley opted for FFS to help align her outward appearance with her female gender identity.

In the video, Ashley took viewers through the highs and lows of the 1 week after facial feminization.

She shared the brutal pain and swelling in the initial days, the strange feeling of seeing a new face for the first time, and her anxiety about hoping the eventual results would be enough to enable her to pass as a female.


Overview of Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) involves procedures to alter typically masculine facial features to have a more feminine appearance. For transgender women like Ashley, FFS can help align their outward appearance with their gender identity. 

The surgery aims to soften the prominent jaw and chin structure, raise brows, contour the nose, and enhance the lips and cheeks. Recovery typically takes several months for the swelling to fully subside.

The First Days After Surgery - A "Hell of a Ride"

Ashley described the first evening after surgery as the worst part of the experience so far. Her face was extremely swollen and there was immense pain and discomfort. It felt like her forehead was being constantly crushed in a vice. 

She was so nauseated she could barely drink water without throwing up. Between the nausea, disorientation from anesthesia, lack of food, and the crushing sensation in her face, that first night was miserable.

The first few days involved continued nausea lack of sleep and appetite. Ashley could only manage a few bites of food at a time.

Staying hydrated was a challenge between the nausea and drinking restrictions. The only thing that got her through was knowing the pain was temporary and that time would pass.

Initial Impressions - A New Face

Now a week out from surgery, Ashley is getting her first real looks at her new face as the swelling decreases. 

While still very swollen, especially on her lips and forehead, she can see a dramatically different and more feminine facial structure emerging. The forehead now has more of an arched curve, the eyebrow is more tapered, and the face overall looks about 10 years younger.

Seeing a new face in the mirror is a strange experience for Ashley. She looks for glimpses of her former self, while also feeling some anxiety about the final results months down the road. 

Will the changes be enough to enable her to pass as a female? Only time will tell as the swelling continues to resolve. For now, she feels she's heading in the right direction.

The Recovery Process

While swelling and surgical changes themselves cause discomfort, other issues like trouble sleeping and laughing have made recovery difficult so far. Having to sleep on her back with the head elevation and facial swelling makes breathing and rest challenging. 

She looks forward to getting the staples out soon so she can sleep on her side again. Laughing or smiling is also still very painful at this point due to the tightness and stitches.

Overall, it's been a tough recovery process so far after what Ashley describes as the most intense surgery of her life. She's eager to get back to normal life but knows healing will take time. Her friend's support has been instrumental in getting through the worst parts. 

While still early in recovery, she feels hopeful about her new feminine look emerging despite the difficulties so far.

Looking Ahead to Full Healing

While the first week has been the worst of it, Ashley knows the healing and swelling will continue to improve with time. It can take 3 months or more for all the swelling to resolve and see the final surgical outcome. 

She's prepared that her face may look very different than now as it heals. While a tough recovery, most patients do say the long-term boost in confidence from FFS makes the difficult post-op period worthwhile. 

Ashley is optimistic about her new look and excited to see the changes as they fully emerge after the swelling subsides.

1 Week After Facial Feminization: Summary

The recovery process presented additional challenges, including trouble sleeping and discomfort when laughing or smiling due to tightness and stitches.

Ashley eagerly awaited the removal of staples so she could sleep more comfortably and looked forward to the healing process.

Looking ahead, Ashley understands that complete healing and the resolution of swelling will take several months. She remains hopeful about her evolving feminine appearance and the long-term confidence boost that FFS is expected to provide.

In essence, Ashley's candid account of her first week after facial feminization surgery sheds light on the physical and emotional trials involved in this transformative journey.

Her determination, supported by friends and a positive outlook, serves as an inspiration to others facing similar experiences, as she anticipates the exciting changes that will emerge as her healing journey continues.