Which is better, charcoal or clay mask

Which is better, charcoal or clay mask

When choosing between a charcoal or clay facial mask, there are lots of factors to be considered.

One of the significant disparities between clay masks and charcoal masks is that clay facial masks are designed to eliminate toxins and excess oil. Charcoal masks are specifically beneficial at removing stubborn blackheads.

Clay masks are considerably more viable at cleaning and hydrating touchier skin types, but with adequate moisturizing after application, charcoal masks are capable of giving virtually the exact effect of detoxification as clay masks do. Also, charcoal masks have wide varieties you can choose from such as a peel-off mask, while clay masks are mostly wash-off types.

As there are different types of masks, so are different types of facial problems, and each mask is designed to solve a specific problem.

Clay masks are designed to battle against big pores by removing the impurities from the pores and thereby tighten them. Clay mask is made from a variety of clays.

Charcoal masks are designed for more specific problems like the accumulation of dead skin and bacteria.

Therefore, the type of mask you choose depends greatly on your skin type and the type of problem you want to use it for; because each mask has its specific benefits. Both masks are designed to help maintain the healthy balance of your facial skin.

However, clay masks are believed to have more benefits when it comes to maintaining beautiful facial skin.


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