Treatment for acne scar on face

Treatment for Acne Scars on Face - Acne Scars Treatments

Over the years, acne breakouts on the face has been known to lead to scars. While acne can be easily treated, acne scars tend to be more difficult. Thankfully, treatments for acne scars are becoming increasingly more effective and readily available by the day.

How are acne scars formed?

Acne scars are a result of a blockage in the pores, which causes them to become swollen. Swollen blocked pore and pimple popping leads to breakage of the follicle walls and consequently cause acne scars.

Some of the substances that block pores are excess oils, gunk, and bacteria.

Types of Face Acne Scars

There several types of acne scars and not all of them listed below will be treatable with the methods that we talk about. Below are the common types of acne scars.

Atrophic Scars

These are the most common type of facial acne scars. They form a kind of depression just below the skin surrounding the face. Atrophic scar, otherwise known as depressed scars, is caused by the inadequate secretion of collagen during the healing process. They are widely known to be the most difficult to treat amongst all the face acne scars.

There are three types of Atrophic scars:

  1. Boxcar Scars: They are wide depressions on the skin surface with sharp and defined edges.

  1. Ice Pick Scars: Ice pick scars can be very difficult to treat. This is because they are more profound than the other types while also having a small width. Sometimes, they extend well beyond the skin surface, looking more like chickenpox scar.

  1. Rolling Scars: They are broad depressions with a well-rounded if a bit irregularly rolled edges.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars are usually found on the chest or back, but they break out on the face too. They are scars that are raised on the skin and are generally caused by over-secretion of collagen during healing.

Keloid Scars

Keloid scars are scars that look like dense, rubbery tissue above the skin surface. They are caused by over-healing of scars.

3 Best Natural Treatment for Acne Scars on Face

There are various types of treatments for acne scars, depending on the severity of the scar and the choice of individuals. Below are the common types of treatments that are readily available.

It involves the usage of natural remedies to treat acne scars. The following are the common natural acne treatments for face

  1. Pink Clay Mask: It is widely accepted as the best natural treatment for acne scars, especially on the face. Pink clay mask is a natural and unaltered combination of red clay and white clay. The combination of these two clays makes it a powerful and effective cure for acne scars.

One of the best things about the pink clay mask is that it is suitable for all skin types, and it does not have any known side effects. It helps with the restoration of damaged tissues, improvement of skin elasticity, cleaning of skin pores, and cell regeneration.

  1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a very effective natural treatment that can be gotten easily. It contains aloesin, which counters the over-secretion of melanin. It also improves healing time and stops skin inflammation.

  1. Honey: Honey is well-known for its healing properties. It helps with acne scar treatment with its antibiotic and antibacterial features. These features also help prevent the risk of infection on wounds, thereby lowering the possibility of scaring.

3 Best Home Treatments for Acne Scars on Face

The good thing about acne scars is that they can be treated with some standard day-to-day products readily available at home. The following are the typical home acne scar treatments.

  1. Pink Clay Mask: As stated above, the pink clay mask is an excellent remedy for acne scars. It is one of the most readily available home products for curing acne scars. It contains kaolin and helps in regulating sebum production. Also, it possesses disinfectant properties that help wounds heal faster and prevent scarring.

  1. Lactic Acid: Lactic acid is common in most creams and lotions that you use daily. They are also common in most acne scar treatment creams.

Lactic acid improves skin texture and reduces the probability of scarring. However, lactic acid may lead to hyperpigmentation, and it is not suitable for all skin types. Therefore, you should test it on a small part of your skin before applying it to your face.

  1. Salicylic Acid: This is another commonly featured acne treatment products. Salicylic acid cleanses the skin pores without damaging it. It also reduces the risk of swelling of the pores and consequently prevents and cures acne scars.

The only disadvantage of salicylic acid is that it is not suitable for sensitive skin. Therefore, it is advisable you test it on a small part of your body before applying it on your face.

3 Best Medical Treatments for Acne Scars on Face

Dermatologists carry out medical treatments as it is expected. Amongst the standard medical treatments are:

  1. Dermabrasion: This is about intensely exfoliating the skin top layer to reveal smoother and healthier skin. It is best for acne scars that are closer to the skin surface.

  1. Microneedling: Microneedling involves using a tiny, handheld needle-studded device like a pen to puncture the acne scars' surface. This allows the skin to go through the healing process once again to secrete enough collagen.

It is the best medical treatment for atrophic scars. Microneedling also works for all skin types, and it gradually reduces the depression of acne scars. The downside – which is not much of a downside – is that it takes about nine months before the changes become apparent.

  1. Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are suitable for all types of acne scars, especially the deeper ones. It involves the use of a strong chemical to scrub off the outer layer of the skin. They are of different types with varying effectiveness and concentration depending on the severity of the scar.


With the daunting effects of acne scars, the best treatment is prevention. However, there are still very effective treatments that can cure acne scars or at least reduce the severity.

One common feature of the treatment types is the KetchBeauty pink clay mask. It is probably the most reliable and risk-free treatment among all the remedies. It is also the most effective for immediate results and does not have any side effects.

KetchBeauty pink clay mask is suitable for the prevention and for maintaining good skin health. Therefore, it is essential and/or advisable you add it to your facial treatment regime.

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