Do clay masks actually work?

Do clay masks actually work?

The feeling of using a clay mask is quite satisfying. You feel luxurious, great, you cancel your evening plans and probably order pizza while you are at it. It is a totally enjoyable and relaxing activity that connects you to the ancient use of natural substances.

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These clay masks are used to treat dermatological diseases, used for cleansing or reducing excess oil secreted by the sebaceous gland, the big question is, do these facemasks actually work? Do they detoxify your skin, hydrate it, absorb the oils, and tighten the pores?

Yes! Clay masks do work if used correctly.

Being used rightly is defined in just 2 points below;

Use a clay mask with the right ingredient

There are several types of clay masks with different types of ingredients. The green Clay contains the highest mineral content. The red Clay contains more silica, while the white Clay is good for sensitive skin.

No matter what kind of Clay you use, they must contain three active ingredients for effectiveness.

These ingredients are; chemical exfoliants for removing excess clogging, dulling, discoloring dead cells.

The second ingredient is the topical antioxidants, which helps to increase collagen production to tighten the skin while also clearing up free radicals.

The last active ingredient is that a clay mask should contain called "Peptides," which helps tone the skin.

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Follow your normal skincare routine.

Maximizing your clay mask impact depends on you following your skincare routine. Your skincare routine should consist of cleansing, followed by a moisturizer in order to achieve the desired results

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