Best clay mask for acne and oily skins

Best clay mask for acne and oily skins

Clay masks have gone from a beauty trend to a skincare product. People (men and women) now switch to it for facial cleaning and treatment of facial issues.

Acne is a facial problem that requires extra treatment. The promising clay masks for acne-prone skin are those that contain bentonite clay, white clay, or kaolin that has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and can remove dirt from pores.

clay mask for acne and oily skin

A list of active and best clay mask for acne is provided below:

Carbonated Clay Mask

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is a carbonated bubble that provides a deep clean of the face. It is rich in mud clay, charcoal powder, and green tea extricate that remove dirt from blocked pores and enhance your skin to glow. Your pores will look tighter and be a lot more purified. Applying moisturizer after this will keep your skin delicate, soft, smooth, and glowing.

Pure Clay Mask

 charcoal clay mask for acne - ketchbeauty

Among the best clay mask that addresses distinctive skin problems (oily, acne-prone, dryness, etc.): the charcoal mask is of great advantage to acne-prone skin by drawing out dirt and dust, green Clay that rebalances oils and enhances glowing skin, and red clay that peels dead skin cells and gets out blocked pores.


Pink Clay Mask

This blend of red and white clay was designed for brightening the skin, moisturizing, and anti-aging. However, after using testing out this mask for several weeks I can personally say it does more than what we put on the box.


After the first use of our pink clay mask, the skin was instantaneously oil-free. You can feel it working during the drying process where it feels like it is pulling all the grease and toxins out your pores while simultaneously shrinking them.

Once the 10-15 minute drying period was over and the mask was wiped off, the skin appeared extremely smooth and clear. The pores were barely visible and another surprise was unexpected blackhead removal. Blackheads that were not even known about prior to using the mask were pulled up to the surface of the skin and fell out with a touch.


The grease and gunk that clogged the pores were wiped away with the removal of the mask and developing pimples subsided. It sounds like a lot all at once, and keep in mind this was only from the first use.

What we have learned from this test is that any clay mask can help with oily-skin, blackhead, and pimple reduction but some are more effective for specific results and may have varying results.

Note: don't try to apply any kind of clay mask or mask that is supposed to dry while laying in a warm-hot bath. Seams like common knowledge now but as you can imagine, the constant rise of warm evaporating water will stop the drying process due to the humidity.

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Nature Bentonite Clay

Another treat for DIY facials, this container of loose bentonite clay will last you ever. Use it all over, body, and even your scalp, it will help stabilize your body's regular oils and evacuate abundance sebum that obstructs pores and adds to acne.

Bentonite Clay from adropintheoceanshop

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