In recent times, there has been a rise in hyperpigmentation amongst people, and whether clay masks are good at fighting, it remains a big question.

Recent studies show that clay masks are considered good for hyperpigmentation, and a few of them include:

Removal of Facial Dirt and Impurities

Clay masks contain negatively-charged molecules and toxins that positively-charged. The clay masks molecules would bind to the toxin molecules, bring them out of the skin pores to the skin surface, and washes them away as you wash off the clay mask. (find out more about our pink clay mask)

It leaves you brightened up all-day

One of the numerous benefits of clay masks is that it gives a glowing skin. When dead skin cells accumulate on the face, it gives the face a dull appearance, but with clay masks, it removes dead skin cells from the skin and also prevents their accumulation, which leaves your skin looking brighter and glowing daily.

best clay mask for dark spots

Clay masks boost blood circulation

Bentonite clay, one of the major constituents of most clay masks, helps boost blood circulation beneath the skin's surface and oxygen circulation to the skin cells. Effective blood circulation helps the skin heal, regenerates, improves collagen production, and gives one a more vibrant appearance.

Unclogs your pores and treat oily skins

Skin pores are most likely to be clogged due to the amount of makeup and facial products used daily in beautification. However, with a clay mask, dirt clogging the pores can be unclogged, and excessive oil in the skin is dried up.

best clay mask for oily skin


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