Why All MTF Transgender Keep a Penis | Truth vs Myths

Transgender issues have become a major topic of discussion and debate in recent years. But there are still many harmful myths and misconceptions that persist about trans people, especially trans women.

These false assumptions can lead to stigma, prejudice, and even violence against the trans community.

It's important to educate ourselves on the facts and realities of the transgender experience. This allows us to overcome ignorance and move towards greater acceptance in society.

In this article, we will explore and debunk some of the most common myths about Why All MTF Transgender Keep a Penis.


Not All Trans Women Have a Penis

A common myth is that all male-to-female (MTF) transgender women have a penis. In reality, this is far from the truth. According to one study, only around 5-13% of trans women undergo vaginoplasty or "bottom surgery." 

The majority opt to keep their original anatomy. This leads many to falsely assume that all trans women must have a penis.


Why Many Opt Out of Surgery

There are several reasons why the majority of trans women do not get full sex reassignment surgery. The biggest factor is cost. On average, bottom surgery costs between $15,000 to $25,000 in the United States. This high price tag puts it out of reach for many.

Additionally, all surgeries carry risks of complications like infections, scarring, loss of sensation, or the need for revisions. The techniques for vaginoplasty have improved greatly but it remains a complex procedure. Some may view the risks as too high or simply feel comfortable without surgery.


Alternatives to Full Surgery

Rather than a full vaginoplasty, many trans women opt for an orchiectomy instead. This less invasive procedure removes the testicles. The main advantage is it stops testosterone production, allowing estrogen to feminize the body. 

Lower testosterone also makes tucking easier and more effective. Tucking is the process of positioning male genitals to create a flatter, female-like appearance in the groin area.


Controversy Around Surgery for Minors

Another key consideration is that sex reassignment surgery results in permanent changes to one's body. Because of this, many believe it should only be performed on consenting adults, not minors. 

However, others argue teens should have access to treatments that improve mental health and reduce dysphoria. This remains a controversial issue with no consensus.


The Myth of "Tricking" Men

Another common myth is that trans women transition in order to trick straight men into sexual relationships. But in reality, most trans people undergo a transition simply to live authentically as their identified gender. 

Thanks to hormones and other treatments, trans women often successfully pass as cisgender women in appearance and femininity.

So if a man finds himself attracted to a trans woman, it's not necessarily because she "tricked" him. With open communication, these situations can be avoided. 

However, trans women are not obligated to disclose private medical information to strangers. And unfortunately, openly identifying as trans still carries the risk of violence from intolerant people.


Being Transgender is Not a Choice

Many people falsely assume that being transgender is a lifestyle choice rather than an innate identity. This contributes to stigma and misunderstanding. In fact, gender dysphoria is classified as a medical condition by the American Psychiatric Association. 

The standard treatment is to transition socially and often physically as well.

The transgender experience is difficult for many cisgender people to comprehend. However, increased awareness and empathy from society can help reduce prejudice.

While transition itself includes choices, having a fundamental transgender identity is not an individual decision.


Outward Appearance Isn't Everything

Finally, physical traits like an Adam's apple do not necessarily indicate someone's gender identity. Outward appearance does not always align neatly with gender.

Making assumptions about others based on looks alone can lead to very hurtful mistakes. The respectful thing is to listen to how someone self-identifies and address them accordingly.


Why All MTF Transgender Keep a Penis: Conclusion

In summary, many myths and misconceptions persist about transgender people, especially trans women. But the truth is that trans individuals are simply seeking to live authentic lives, not deceiving or tricking anyone. Increased education and understanding of society as a whole can help dispel harmful myths.