What happens if you tan before IPL?

The IPL won't be able to identify the difference between your skin and the pigmentation if you have a tan.

It will stop the energy from penetrating deep into the skin to target the brown spots, instead of focusing on your skin.


Brown pigmentation deep in the skin is targeted with IPL to bring it to the surface and finally fade away.

IPL hair removal is seeking dark hair in order to damage the hair follicle.

In both circumstances, the IPL light is looking for dark color, which is why it's crucial to avoid getting a tan.


This could not only obstruct your progress, but it could also be harmful.

Procedures that aren't compatible with tans can result in burns since darker skin retains heat for longer than lighter skin.

It can also cause blisters and skin hypo/hyperpigmentation.

 This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy.

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