Read If Considering MTF Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facial feminization surgery is a scary topic for many trans women. There is anxiety about what could possibly go wrong as well as general worry surrounding a surgery.

If you are considering FFS, this article will explore various aspects that you must consider to ensure a seamless experience.  


Firstly, it is very important to evaluate and understand the surgery and its intricacies before diving right into it.

Many trans women tend to shy away from FFS during the initial stages of transitioning. However, with time, a few find themselves considering it.

The reason is that, during the initial stages, it is normal to focus on the bigger aspects such as HRT and bottom surgery. However, once you check them off the list, you might find yourself wanting to fix “flaws” that may be hindering your passing.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to understand and explore FFS thoroughly, even if you are not considering it right now. That way, you have all the information you need if and when you want to take the leap. 

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Secondly, budgeting and financing wisely is something that every trans woman must do. The fact is that surgeries and hormones are expensive in many countries.

Especially FFS can cost a bomb. Even if you do not want it right now, it is always a good idea to save money in case you change your mind.

It is better to have the money and not want it than to not have the money, when you really want to undergo the surgery. Therefore, as a trans woman, always focus on what things would be like in the long-term.  


It is also common for many trans women to start identifying more and more of their “flaws” once they decide to undergo FFS. Each time you look at the mirror, you may feel tempted to determine what can be changed to make you look more feminine or help you pass.

You may find yourself constantly critiquing your face or passing judgment. This is extremely harsh and unfair to you. In addition, it may lead you to opt for an extreme feminization surgery, which you probably don’t even need.

Thus, it is important to train your mind to be objective instead of getting consumed by your excitement pertaining to FFS.

It is very simple to overdo the surgery. More importantly, you may condition your brain to nitpick and hate everything you see in the mirror, which is a dangerous precedent to set.   


Pay utmost attention to your self-perception and ensure that the decision to undergo FFS is not skewing you in an extreme direction.

Please note that if you do want an extreme feminization, that is your prerogative. However, be objective about how your features look instead of expecting to resolve your dysphoria in this manner.

The reason is that even extreme surgery cannot completely eradicate your dysphoria, since it is a part of who you are.  


If possible, ask for your surgeon’s recommendations. They can undoubtedly be more objective than you can and they have years’ worth of experience to know what needs to change and what doesn’t.

You must also do your own research before you decide to choose an FFS team. Compare pricing, reviews, range, and experience since this is one of the most important surgeries that you would undergo in your life.

It is best to be thorough. Understand and deconstruct their recommendations to see if they make sense to you. If you think they are trying to oversell, look for other options.

The main goal is to be comfortable with the team and trust them entirely. If you don’t feel that way, they are not right for you.   


Finally, be prepared for the impact of the surgery and the aftercare it would require. Since potent anaesthesia is used for this surgery, you might feel nauseous and weak and extremely comfortable.

As far as food is concerned, try to eat something light and nutritious, ideally in a liquid form before you move to solids, 24 hours later.

It would take some time for the anaesthesia to leave your body, so please keep that in mind.   

We hope this article has helped you be more prepared, if you are considering FFS. Good luck!!