An*l Academy 2 | MTF Transgender

Anal sex is often the primary way that transgender women can experience penetrative sex. Even for those who aren't transgender, learning how to engage in pleasurable and clean anal sex is a useful skill. 

In this An*l Academy 2 article, we'll share tips from the perspective of a transgender woman on how to make anal sex more enjoyable.


Douche Properly

Douching before anal sex helps clean out the rectum to reduce messiness during sex.

Here are some tips:

  • Always use lube on the douche nozzle before inserting it to avoid injuring the delicate rectal lining.
  • Fill the douche with warm water, not hot, to avoid burning.
  • Do a double douche by filling up the rectum, expelling into the toilet, then repeating with fresh water. This double cleanse helps detach debris.
  • After double douching, do a third single rinse.
  • Gently hop up and down after filling up to dislodge any clinging debris, but don't agitate too vigorously to avoid trapping air that can leave behind fluid.
  • Check by gently inserting a finger to confirm cleanliness, but be gentle to avoid scratches.
  • Clean the exterior anal area with mild soap and water, not just toilet paper, for proper hygiene.

The goal isn't to achieve perfection but to have a standard routine that provides confidence in cleanliness. The diet also impacts douching needs.

Foods that loosen stool like spicy food or alcohol may require more douching. High-fiber foods can help make stools more solid and less messy.


Communication and Relaxation

Talk to your partner about your needs and concerns. Share what helps you relax, diminish pain, and experience pleasure. Don't expect your partner to automatically know how to make anal sex comfortable and fulfilling. Guide them lovingly to what feels good.

Set the mood with low lighting, soothing music, candles, or anything else that helps ease tension. Incorporate a relaxing touch and massage first before penetration. Breathe deeply and intentionally release tension from your body and mind. 

Apply lots of lube both externally and internally. Go slowly, especially at first insertion. Rushing increases discomfort.


Penetration and Positions

Gently insert a finger first before your partner penetrates with their penis or a toy. Rock your finger side to side to gradually relax the opening rather than just pushing in. Applying pressure on the anal opening without entering can also help the muscles relax.

Once inserted, aim toward the front of the body, not directly in. Curve upward toward the belly in line with the curve of the rectum, not straight back. Adjust the angle during thrusting to find what provides the most pleasure. 

Also try positions like lying on your back with legs raised, or on the side in the fetal position. Doggy style puts pressure on the wrong spots for many.

Focus on relaxing the anal sphincter and rectal muscles. Don't tense up or clench. Bear down gently like having a bowel movement. Breathe fully into the diaphragm. If you feel sharp pain, stop and try again later. Discomfort that eases promptly once adjusting position or speed is normal at first.


For Transgender Women

Prostate massage externally behind the testicles in a gentle “come here” motion can help relaxation before penetration. During sex, aim to stimulate the prostate internally, located a few inches inside on the belly side. Use lots of lube and communicate on adjusting angle and speed.

Some transgender women don't like being touched or viewing their genitals. Discuss boundaries ahead.

Focus on the emotional sensations of feeling feminine, connected, and embodying womanhood through receptive anal intercourse. Let your partner know what gender-affirming language feels good for you.

Overall, go slowly, communicate, relax, and incorporate what helps induce pleasure and euphoria. With patience and care, anal sex can become a satisfying way for transgender women to intimately connect.


An*l Academy 2: Summary

In conclusion, anal sex can be a pleasurable and intimate experience for transgender women, but it requires a mindset of relaxation, communication, and patience.

By taking the time to properly prepare and communicate with your partner, you can maximize your pleasure and enjoy a validating experience. 

Remember to use lubricant, take insertion slowly, and avoid douching excessively. With the right approach, anal sex can be a fun and exciting addition to your sexual repertoire. 

Additionally, it's important to communicate boundaries and preferences with your partner, and to focus on the emotional sensations of feeling feminine and connected during the experience.

By prioritizing communication, relaxation, and pleasure, transgender women can enjoy anal sex as a way to intimately connect with their partner.