Alexis Blake Tries Clip-In Hair Extensions for the First Time

Alexis Blake is a transgender woman who shares her life and stories on social media. In this article, we'll be talking about how Alexis Blake Tries Clip-In Hair Extensions for the First Time as she grows out her natural hair.


Alexis' Natural Hair Journey

Alexis is getting more and more used to having short hair after letting it grow out for a really long time. She's been wearing wigs and hairpieces but wanted to try something new.

Right now, Alexis' natural hair is in an awkward mushroom bowl cut phase after having a hair transplant to help with her receding hairline.

The hair at her hairline is quite short, while the rest has some length to it. She's trying not to cut it and let it grow out fully.


Choosing and Installing the Clip-Ins

Alexis decided to try When A Life clip-in hair extensions from Amazon. They were more affordable than other options.

She chose a color that matched her hair and got 120 grams of hair. The quality felt amazing right out of the package - very soft and shiny with no shedding.

To install them, Alexis sectioned and clipped up her natural hair, leaving down her bangs. She curled the extensions lightly with a curling iron to add bounce and volume.

The process took some time since Alexis is new to long hair styling. She ended up using all the pieces in the pack, but will likely buy a second set to achieve more volume.


Styling the Extensions

Once installed, Alexis brushed through the extensions to blend with her natural hair. The length after curling reached all the way down past her chest!

She pulled the top section into a high ponytail and curled the bangs and pieces framing her face. For the ponytail, Alexis ended up wrapping her short natural hair into a bun and covering it with the extensions.


Final Result

In the end, Alexis was really happy with the look! The extensions gave her the long, voluminous hair she's always wanted. It took some practice, but this was a great first experience with hair extensions for Alexis. She can't wait to continue experimenting and learning new styles.

Let us know what you think of Alexis' final look in the comments! Any tips or advice are welcome as she continues her hair journey.