Aging While Transgender - Entering your Golden Years Without Regret

Aging is not fun. While we often hear the phrase “aging like fine wine,” it is seldom applicable to most people. Aging typically comes with gray hair, wrinkles, and saggy skin, and needless to say, most of us don’t love that.   

Especially for women, age could feel like a ticking time bomb. Age-based discrimination is very real and society is biased towards the youth.

After a certain age, society may believe that it’s too late for you to do certain things, particularly when you are a woman.

The terms ‘beauty’ and ‘young’ often seem to be attached at the hip, making it further difficult to shed this anxiety surrounding aging. How you are perceived and approached will change with time.

Especially if you are a trans woman, all of these biases are quadrupled since there is so much stigma attached to your gender identity to begin with.

There are a host of anxieties that may consume your being. In addition, you may worry that your dating pool would become a lot smaller if you are a trans woman who is a 40-year old.     

Moreover, if you are a trans woman who hasn’t transitioned yet, you might be worried about the implications of age on the process.

Or, alternatively, you may be worried that you might not pass as easily as your skin sags and your brow furrows.

Moreover, trans-based existential and mid-life crises are also more significant. The reason is that, as a trans woman. Throughout your life, you’ve always dealt with gender ambiguity and dysphoria.

To resolve these issues,  your goals list is typically longer than your peers’. With age, your anxiety regarding ticking them off the list exacerbates. You might want to transition or begin passing, before your age sets you a few steps behind. 


What is the best way to offset these scary feelings?

It is important to understand that you will only regret the things you didn’t do. When you are at the prime of your life, there are so many things you might want to do as a trans woman. Do them.

They might change things for the better or for worse. But at least you won’t have to wonder when you are no longer in a position to act on these whims.       


If you are a trans person in your youth, this is a great time to think about what you want right now and in the future. You can formulate a plan to attain these goals so you hold no regrets tomorrow. 

However, if you are considered old by societal standards, step back and reconsider if you are truly too old to be doing what you really want to do.

If you personally don’t believe that you are too old for something, don’t let society stop you.     

Exploration and pushing your boundaries are a vital part of life. This holds particularly true if you are a trans person. It is only your fear stopping you from getting what you want.

Push your boundaries as long as you are safe and happy.  We hope this article helped. Good luck!!

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