How often to use a Blackhead Vacuum

1-2 times per week (or once every 3-4 days) is the max you should be using a blackhead vacuum. You should not be using a pore cleansing tool every day.

It’s not only tedious, but it can lead to skin infections and inflammations from overuse.

Over the counter Hydroxy acid and Retinoid are commonly applied to the skin to help break down dead cells, excess oil, and loosen gunk, prior to using a pore/blackhead vacuum.

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Why am I telling you this?

Any exfoliant strong enough to break down skin cells such as chemical peep comes with its flaws…

One of which is the frequency that you can apply it to your skin without causing harm.

Not because this is an excellent combination with pore cleaning devices such as a blackhead vacuum, it’s not recommended to use both at the same all the time.

Using these topicals can cause your skin to become sensitive and does not always pan out well with suction.

Using a blackhead vacuum is effective enough on its own and your skin (pores) need time to breathe, regenerate, and heal in between session.

That doesn’t mean that pore vacuums cause any harm to your skin during use but none the less… you skin will need a breather without the assistance of external devices to remove oil, and excess impurities from time to time.

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