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Are clay mask supposed to burn?

It has been frequently gathered from the feedbacks of Clay masks users that they sometimes burn or cause a stinging reaction on the skin, which brings us to the question "Are Clay masks supposed to burn?"

Because the clay dries rapidly on the skin while simultaneously pulling it tight, some users define this tingling sensation as burning.

"Burn," in another context, refers to an inflammatory or hypersensitivity reaction of the skin to a potentially harmful substance. Technically, clay masks are not designed to cause any burn on the skin surface.

However, clay masks may be found to cause burns if the product used is not suitable for the individual's skin type.

Another reason clay masks may be found to cause burn is that it contains ingredients such as kaolin, bentonite, sulfur, and retinoid, which have been found to cause hypersensitivity to sensitive skin types when the product type does not suit the skin type.


Clay masks are not supposed to burn

Because ordinarily, a clay mask is supposed to have close to neutral pH range and no protein to prevent a reaction or burn, but a clay mask can cause burns if they contain high caustic medium like ACV or concentrated essential oils

Clay masks have also been observed to cause burns when it is used beyond the recommended time frame and required quantity at a given time. Some ingredients are being added to clay masks like mild essential oils and some skin vitamin to reduce skin dryness and stings of any type when applied.


Why does this skincare product sting? burn?


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