About Us

Affordable Beauty, Cosmetics, & Skincare Products

KetchBeauty LLC was born, raised and made with our customers in mind in Austin Texas. Founded in 2019 to help people struggling with ingrown, we pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and cruelty free.

Our mission from day one has been to redefine what luxury products are in the beauty, cosmetics, and skincare space to have amazing products at super affordable prices.

We asked yourself the question; "I wonder how many other people out there suffer from ingrown hairs and would buy a product guaranteed to make them go away" so we put up our website for the word to see what we have to offer.

There are already solutions to getting ridding of unwanted hair for whatever the reason might be. Speaking from personal experience, I was obsessed with laser hair removal and how effective it was but the price tag and pain attached was a buzz kill.

There were other hair removal IPLs available on the market that claimed to be high end and also had a very high price tag. Even though all these devices worked we couldn't get behind the price structure and believed that these devices doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Our goal here at KetchBeauty is to make unbelievable luxury products and experiences available at affordable prices and central to that promise is to never compromise on quality.

Thank you so much for supporting our brand and for getting us to where we are to today. We have a lot of products under way so stay tuned for our new product launches.

We love to hear from you! we love to hear from our community, our customers, our fans so send us an email, shout us out on socials, give us an idea because or product developers are waiting to always work on that next new thing.


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