Are Blackhead Vacuums Bad For Your Skin?

Certified dermatologists Lily Talakoub, MD and  Joshua Zeichner, MD claims that blackheads vacuums are generally bad for your skin but are they though?

Blackhead vacuums provide enough suction to pull large and deep rooted blackheads straight from the pores. According to Dr. Zeichner: “pore vacuums may only be useful for clearing mild surface blockage”.

This may have been true several years ago when blackhead/pore vacuums were just hitting the market.

However, this is no longer the case!

These days blackhead vacuums are more robust and designed to remover larger and deeper blackheads without causing damage to either layer of your skin.

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As expected with any extraction device, the suction that is generated from the pore vacuum may cause minor micro tears on your skin but significantly less than the damage and swelling that would occur if you were to squeeze them out with brute force or a bobby pin plucking.

Using a pore cleaning vacuum may cause slight redness and swelling for a brief amount of time but that’s to be expected since the suction is pulling blood to the surface and it’s your bodys’ natural reaction.


In the grand scheme of things, blackhead vacuums are not bad for your skins.

Of course, dermatologists will recommend that you visit their offices for professional blackhead removal (and if you have several blackheads then you absolutely should) vs completely replacing their jobs with an at home device.

If you have blackhead that look like the image below then you 100% need professional help.

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What can cause damage to your skin while using a pore vacuum is simultaneously suctioning after using acids that make your skin sensitive such as hydroxy acid or retinoid.

Besides doing an amazing job of sucking out all the dirt, gunk, and excess oil from your skin…

Pore vacuums may pull some general moisture from your skin, so be sure to follow up with some form of rehydration for replenishment.

If you plan on using a pore vacuum to removal blackheads, then here is a great price device. Plus, the KetchBeauty Pink Clay mask might be the secret to preventing and treating blackheads for good.


Before you jump using one of this devices yourself, make sure you know How Often to Use Blackhead Vacuum

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